Sparrow Indonesian Restaurant

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Another Indonesian restaurant in Perth after a post about Manise Cafe.  Sparrow Indonesian Restaurant has also been in Perth WA for a long time. After moving from Northbridge many years ago, now with a new owner the restaurant is located on Lord street in Highgate.

Although the restaurant is pretty small inside, I like going to this restaurant because the food is nice, the price is pretty reasonable and also there’re ample parking spots on the side streets.

As soon as you go inside the restaurant the friendly staff would greet you and take you to the seats.  The owner is not Indonesian but he is very nice and during my visit there’re lots of laughs and smiles from customers.  🙂

At Sparrow, I ordered Laksa Ayam (yes, it’s not really an Indonesian food but I couldn’t resist it) and my partner ordered Nasi Kuning.  We also ordered Tahu Tek to share.


Nasi Kuning – combination yellow rice with friend chicken, egg, and chilli pickles.


Tahu Tek – fried bean-curd omelet with peanut sauce.

The omelet was nice but the peanut sauce was bit too rich for me.  My partner (Indonesian) really enjoyed it though.

While I was there, the owner was talking to all the customers that 10% discount would apply to new customers.  I hadn’t been there since the owner had changed but my husband had gone there couple of times with his friend so he told the owner it’s not his first time, but we received 10% discount anyway.

Great service, great food, and great price.

Try to avoid a peak lunch hour or book a table beforehand as the seats are limited.

Sparrow Indonesian Restaurant
301 Lord Street, Highgate, Perth,WA
(08) 9228 2238

11:30 AM to 2 PM, 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM
11:30 AM to 2 PM, 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM
11:30 AM to 2 PM, 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM
11:30 AM to 2 PM, 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM
11:30 AM to 2 PM, 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM


We recently went there for lunch again and here are some more photos:

Ayam Bakar (grilled chicken in tasty soy sauce)


Mie Goreng with vegetables.  Kids shared this dish.


And, as usual we ordered Tahu Tek.  On my last visit I didn’t really like it much, but for some reasons I started to crave for it few days later.  Now it’s one of my favourite dish!


Manise Indonesian Restaurant

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If you keep walking William street in Northbridge towards Hyde Park, you will find this small Indonesian restaurant on your left side.  This restaurant has been here since I came to Perth (2003) and has been one of Indonesian people’s favourite eating place in Perth.

They renovated the interior couple of months ago, and now it looks more tidy and clean compared to what I remember.


We ordered Tahu goreng kecap (deep-fried tofu with special sweet soy sauce) to share for entree 😉




I’d been longing for their chicken dish called “ayam goreng rica”.  It’s basically a fried-chicken dish with spicy tomato sauce. Chicken is crispy and the spicy tomato sauce (homemade, of course) really goes with steamed rice!!


My partner was thinking between his usual dish or Chef’s Special dishes which had many choices such as deep-fried beef ribs, tempeh goring & mie bakso.  He went with the usual – Kondro Bakar (grilled beef ribs topped with homemade peanut sauce).

IMG_2501  IMG_2504

Food is so nice here.  I’m drooling again as I write…  Their hearty food is perfect in this season (or in hot summer too with spicy kick!)  I’m planning to go back there again soon. 🙂

Manise Cafe Indonesian
Shop 2, 449 William Street,Northbridge, Perth, WA
(08) 9228 2432

11:30 AM to 9 PM
11:30 AM to 9 PM
11:30 AM to 9 PM
11:30 AM to 9:30 PM
11 AM to 9:30 PM
12 Noon to 9:30 PM

Monggo Indonesian Restaurant

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My sister-in-law visited us from Jakarta over the last weekend and we took her to Indonesian restaurant Monggo on Beaufort St, Mt Lawley for dinner.

In Perth I’ve only been to Sparrow in Northbridge (more than 8 years ago!) and Bintang Cafe in Victoria Park for Indonesian food.  On Monggo’s website the menu looked pretty good and more “formal” type compared to other two. Their menu had almost all the basic Indonesian food I could think of (and something more), and the naming “Jimbaran Fish” and “Serabi Bandung” recalled the memory of my trips to Indonesia over the last decade.

Inside the restaurants I could tell all the staff are Indonesian.  They were very friendly.  The table setting and decor looked pretty.
We ordered Kepiting Soka (crisoy soft shell crab),  Tumis Sayur (stir-fried vegetables), Ayam Rica-rica (slow-cooked chicken dish), Jimbaran Fish (grilled Barramundi fillet), and Beef Randang Kapao (beef curry).

photo 3-2

photo 4


I thought the pricing was bit expensive considering the size of the dish.  My husband and I are big eaters so we were little disappointed when the dishes came to our table.

All the food were very delicious though.  Because we had 2 kids we ordered Chicken Rica-rica MILD (instead of HOT) but it tasted still great.  I loved Tumis Sayur – the texture of the vegetables were just right!  My husband wanted to order Bebek Betutu (Ubud’s famous duck dish) but sisters didn’t want duck 🙁  I miss Ubud!!  Thinking to going to Bali again this year.


Serabi Bandung

Coconut Ice Putar


For dessert, we ordered Coconut Ice Putar (homemade coconut ice cream in a young coconut shell) and Serabi Bandung (Pandan-coconut fluffy pancake served with syrup).

I just noticed, the Serabi Bandung was supposed to be 3 pieces of pancakes, but we got 4.  Maybe it was because all our party (except 2 including me) were Indonesian?  We also got this caramel popcorn for free as well. ↓


photo 5-1


The Pandan-coconut pancakes were good, but I loved Coconut Ice Puter!  I was imagining it’d taste something like the coconut ice cream you get from any  shops here but it didn’t.  Rosy colour (aroma of rose … Pandan?) with the texture of half ice cream half shaved ice.  Open the lid of young coconut, and scoop the ice cream with fresh coconut meat…  Yum!!


Coconut Ice Putar

photo 4-1

My husband has a sweet tooth and he loved it.

Monggo website

You can browse their menu here. (download the PDF)


photo 5-2


By the way my son turned 3 this week.  I put his photo with a message from us on the newspaper in japan. 🙂  I love you so much and hope you stay like this (a round boy with big smile) forever!!!  xxx


WAICC Indonesian Food Fair

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Today there was an Indonesian Food Fair in Bateman.  I heard there’ll be many authentic Indonesian foods including savory and sweet, so I headed down there to have a try.

This WAICC Indonesian fair is annual event, and is carried out at Bateman Catholic primary school building.
When I arrived there – …WOW, lots of smoke coming out from satay section.  There were people grilling satay in front of the building, and it was very smoky!! Smelled good at the same time too – variety of meat with Indonesian peanut sauce… yum!

There were lots of Indonesian signature foods such as Nasi Lemak, Mee Goreng, Martabak.  I got this sweet sesame ball-thingy (labelled “ONDE” but I’m not sure if this is the name of the food??) and it’s good 🙂  It’s like the sesame balls you get at Yum Cha, but this one has different filling inside.

There were many great foods to buy.  I’ll definitely come back next year! 😀

Bali Trip 2012 – Indonesian Food

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We ate a lot while we were in Bali.  I love eating and Hiro loves eating too, so we were around the food almost all the time from the morning till the night… :p

It was actually my first time drinking coconut water.  I just never tried it.  But since I was in Indonesia I thought I’d try a sip.  …. I didn’t like it much 😛

Hiro seemed to like it.

In Ubud, we went to a famous duck restaurant Bebek Bengil (dirty duck).  The place was beautiful – very big place, and you can overlook rice terrace from your table.  There’re many ducks (probably they are for the restaurant….) around too.

I had lots of Nasi Goreng while in Bali, but I loved this restaurant the best.

Although it’s a restaurant specializing duck, I ordered crispy chicken :p

Food was so delicious!!  And I loved the view too.

This is at Kolega Warung in Seminyak.  The review was good, so we went there to try.
You can pick food you want for your plate from the counter.  My plate was around AUD$2

The food was great but this place didn’t have air-con…  Hiro was asleep but sweating.

We also went to Kudeta in Seminyak.  Actually we weren’t planning going there because I knew the price would be expensive.

It was expensive!!!!  But I have to admit, the food and location were wonderful.  We ordered soft-shell crab and papaya salad, crumbed snapper with Japanese coleslaw and wedges, and some pasta to share.  One bottle of Bintang beer costed around AUD$6 here!!!

Coconut & Palm Sugar Pancake at Made’s Warung in Seminyak.  As the name indicates, it was super sweet!!  The dough was chewy and nice 🙂

This Tempeh (fermented soy bean) chips are at Made’s Warung as well.  Very nice and crispy.

One night we went to Papaya – a Japanese supermarket near our villa to get some Japanese food to eat at villa.  They sell fresh bread, sashimi, sushi, fried stuff, bento boxes, onigiri, etc etc along with other foods, drinks and non-food items.

I think the prices were bit expensive considering we were in Bali, but still reasonable.  We bought few bento boxes, sushi, katsu and salads.

Ayam Goreng

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When I feel like my body is needing “meat”, I often go with chicken rather than beef.  Red meat should contains more iron than white meat, but I don’t really crave for red ones.  Since I came to Australia I became little naughty….  I love occasional KFC now.  I didn’t like it before coming here and I was saying that how people can eat just KFC chicken for dinner.  Now I’ve became one of them.

Trying to save some money, I usually make fried chicken by myself.  They are not exactly KFC, but they are at least meat.  There are cheap mixed chicken pieces available from IGA near my house, though they need to be trimmed and washed before cooking.   Sometimes I make karaage or oven-roasted chicken with these meat, but tonight I made Ayam Goreng – Indonesian style fried chicken.

Although I wish I can, I don’t cook Ayam Goreng from scratch.  I use store-bought seasoning.  Different from karaage, Ayam Goreng is cooked in marinade before being deep-fried.  So you are basically frying cooked chicken.  Because the meat has been cooked through, you’ll just need a short time to deep-fry.   The oil should be very hot to give the crunchiness and golden colour.

How do you eat it?  I’m not an Indonesian who knows Ayam Goreng very well, but I know how I like to eat it.  I usually eat with steamed rice, some vegetables, boiled egg and sambal (chilli sauce).  I love sambal terasi with Ayam Goreng :-q

It’s got prawn or something?  I’m addicted to this distinct smell!


Thank You Everyone!

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First, I’d like to say thank you to everyone who messaged me through this blog and email.  I feel much better and strong knowing that I’m not alone and there are people who read my blog from many countries.  It’s kinda amazing feeling.


I’m gonna write about an amazing food I had last night.  This is banana-cheese-pastry thingy (I don’t know the proper name!) that my sister-in-law brought from Indonesia.  It’s so yummmmmyyyy.  It’s from Bandung city (in Indonesia), she said.  It’s got a whole banana and cheese inside, kind of melty, and doughy throughout with crispy pastry on outside.  I don’t know how to explain the taste, but it’s somewhere between sweet and savoury.  Very interesting.

There are many food in the world that I haven’t met.  I do want to go to many countries and try these things out someday.

Oh, I’m actually going to Bali in November this year.  Believe it or not, it will be my first trip to Bali!  Even though I have an Indonesian husband, I’ve never been outside Denpasar airport.  Actually, my husband has also never been to Bali before!  Haha.  So it will be our first Bali experience.

Going to Bali is kind of the thing that I can look up to.  It had been a rough idea of me and my dad who is in Japan, but  now we are booking air tickets and accommodation in Bali.  My husband, Hiro, and I are meeting my dad in Bali who will fly from Japan by himself.  It will be great holiday for all of us.

What I want to do in Bali – I’m not pretty sure about it yet, as I have no idea what Bali is like, but I think we’ll get massage and eat lots of local food.  Near the beach, probably.  I can’t wait to take my dad to eat Indonesian food.  I’m sure he will love it!





Homemade Martabak

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Martabak is a stuffed pancake or pan -fried bread which I first tried in Jakarta, Indonesia, few years ago.  They make and sell martabak in small stalls on the street, and the sweet smell is hyper irresistible.

My husband wanted to make it as it’s pretty expensive to buy here (compared to the price in Indonesia), and we found “martabak mixture” ($3.00) at Yee Seng Oriental Shop in Myaree, so we gave it a try.

D likes “keju” = grated cheese and condensed milk filling where I also love “coklat” (chocolate and crushed peanuts).  We made both 🙂

Martabak is very very sweet and buttery.  They use this “special butter ” (?) to boost the richness and butteriness.  (got from Yee Seng at $2.00)

Martabak has two kinds – one is thick (like the one in the photo above and another is thin.  It’s like the pizza base where some people prefer thin crispy base and other like it thick.  It seems the thick ones are more common in Indonesia, but D prefers thin one and that’s what he made.

Sprinkle the toppings…

and close it.

I never thought of the combination of cheese and condensed milk until I went to Jakarta.  The sweetness and saltiness match and it creates interesting flavour.

This made me think of dorayaki.  I think I will make dorayaki next time 🙂

Indonesian Foods

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It’s gado gado season again. Sunny and hot weather makes me want to eat lots of salad.

Gado gado gives a different taste and texture to other salads which are just green leaves and cold summer vegetables. D eats it with steamed rice and prawn crackers, but I just enjoy it with the rich peanut sauce and crunchy fried shallots.

Parents-in-laws are here, and I’ve been eating lots of Indonesian foods.  They always bring lots of foods from Jakarta and pile them up in the kitchen.  Seeing these foods, including Krispy Kreme donuts and Roti Boy bread, reminds me that they are here.

I love Indonesian foods….  ahhh I miss the food in Jakarta!  Lots of peanuts, chilli and deep-fried foods though. (it might be because of D’s family)  And, delicious Chinese food.  And, Japanese food.  There are so many nice restaurants and fast food places, with inexpensive prices.

I can’t believe we will be in Japan in few weeks, enjoying the cool Autumn weather.  Here in Perth, we’ve been playing with water in the garden.  Soon we will be playing with snow outside my house in Japan.   Well, Japan is my favourite destination, of course, and I will be enjoying lots of Japanese foods over there too!


Getting Away to JK

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It’s almost the end of August!  These days I can’t tell what date it is everyday :p
About 1 month to go before our trip to Jakarta. Hmmm, to think about it, it will be about 1.5 years since my last holiday outside Australia. I haven’t left Perth since I found out I was pregnant, and I didn’t want to go back to Japan while Hiro was small because I was worried that he might get sick and also about radiation in Japan.
1.5 yeas is not really a long time, but I really feel like I need to go somewhere for a change. I’m glad that I decided to fly to Jakarta this time.

I’m the type of person who sometimes wait and wait what I want to do…. until it explodes. For example, I don’t normally shop for cloths or bags, but one day it explodes and I buy many things. So, I don’t buy any cloths, bags, or shoes in Perth – just wait until I go back to Japan. In Japan, I shop like I’d never shopped before… Everyday is shopping day. I’m afraid this Jakarta trip will be the same. I hope I don’t buy too many crap over there.

One thing I’m looking for is getting massage.  Another is FOOD.  I love Indonesian food….  Probably not everyday, but I definitely enjoy eating it once in a while.  I also love the convenience of things and variety of food they have over there, as well as the price.  I miss the chewy shaomai with peanut sauce!

It’s been since my weeding in 2009 to go to Jakarta.  It’s about time to miss those delicious food.

Since we will be there for only 1 week, I think we will be just eating and getting massage most of the time.  I hope Hiro will be ok there.  Although it’s D’s hometown, I’m still not 100% comfortable being there.  Bit scary about people and also hygiene.

I will plan what to buy and to do in Jakarta which I can’t do or buy in Japan – and, I want to buy some souvenir to my family too 🙂  They’ve never been to Indonesia.

Bakar Chicken and CORICA Apple Struddle

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My in-law made ayam bakar (grilled chicken), sambal kan kun and stir-fried kairan with oyster sauce.  Kan kun is my favourite Chinese vegetable!   Every time I go to Hawker restaurant I order stir-fried kan kun.  I just love the slimy and crunchy texture.

“Bakar” means, according to my husband, “burned”.  I assume it’s a similar word to “kogeru” or “kogasu” (焦げる) in Japanese.  The process of “bakar” enhances the flavour of the dish (meat/seafood).

The chicken was marinated in some kind of Indonesian spicy sauce, then grilled.  It was so yummy that I ate 3 pieces!

Sambal (chili paste) kan kun (front) and stir-fried kairan with oyster sauce (back).

It was a hot day!  Eating spicy food in such hot day is so perfect…

My husband’s friend from Malaysia had been here for few days, and he just left to the airport.  They are such close friends… it made me jealous sometimes! (>0<)

He left a box of Corica apple struddle for us in the fridge.

The sweet custard cream and crispy pie sheet….   It was a perfect dessert after the spicy Indonesian dishes!


From Jakarta

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Again… my house is filled with food from Indonesia. :p  They are all delicious and I sure like them.  But, if there’s a lot of food in the house, I just can’t stop eating!

Yesterday parents-in-law arrived Perth airport and we were having dinner all together.  The first thing they said to me was ” … did you put on weight?”

Yes I think I’ve been eating a lot lately, and was going to do some exercise, but I haven’t.  I was sick : I thought sick people usually lose weight instead of gaining.. (-_-)  

I know my body, and I always put on weight if I’m under stress.  Maybe I eat a lot when I feel stressed out?  When I was studying in Osaka few years ago I was living by myself in an apartment.  I was lonely, plus new school and new people, and I guess those things all became stress to me.  I wasn’t eating big amount of food, but I still gained weight.  :p

Ummm but I can’t resist this delicious layer cake!  It’s little too buttery, but rich and sweet.  Oh no, I hope someone else eat those food in this house before I do.


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This Indonesian/Malaysian restaurant opened its door few month ago, and I recently had a chance to try their food.  “Satay Mu” means “your satay” in Indonesian 🙂

The name of the restaurant says “Satay”, so I thought they just specialize in satay dish (skewered chicken/beef/lamb/etc, with peanut chili sauce).   However, I noticed their menu actually has a wide variety of other Indonesian/Malay food.

Barbecued Pork Rice, Curry Chicken/Beef Rice, Wan Ton Mee, Wat Tan Ho etc..  My husband had Spicy Chicken Rice and I had Wat Tan Ho.  I really like noodle dish with wet saucy thing…

The price was reasonable and tasted ok, I will come back here again 🙂

Address:  356 Marmion Street, Melville WA 6156

Phone:  08 9317 1162

Food in Jakarta

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<Bakmi Ayam>

We had bakmi (noodle soup) many times during this stay.  Bakmi is not really a special food, and people eat it quite often over there.  (it’s like “ramen” in Japan)  The photo is Bakmi Ayam (chicken noodle soup) at Grand Kelinci.


<Gado Gado>

We had this gad-gado at the food court in Kelapa Gading Mall.  It was supposed to be my snack, but the portion was pretty big and it came with rice. (you could chose either nasi (steamed rice) or lontong (sticky rice cubes)  I told the shop staff not to add too much chili, but it was quite spicy…


<Hainan and Roasted Chicken Rice>

My brother-in-low took us to Plaza Senayan (a mall in CBD area) and we had lunch at a Singapore restaurant there.  I had Hainan Chicken Rice, and brother-in-low had roasted chicken rice.

<Kwe Tiau>

At the Singapore restaurant my husband had stir-fried kwe tiau.


<Satay Ikan Bali>

I had this satay ikan Bali (Bali style fish satay dish) at a food court “Food Connection” in Kelapa Gading Mall.  The fish was spicy, and nicely crusted.  Very nice!


<Satay Ayam>

Satay is one of my favorite Indonesian side dish!  Satay actually can be a main meal when you order it with nasi (steamed rice) or lontong (sticky rice cubes).  My husband likes satay kambing (lamb satay) but I prefer satay ayam (chicken satay).

Home Made Asian Sweets

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My mother-in-law (M) cooks everyday.  She sometimes cook Indonesian sweets for us and they are really nice.  Since the parents came to Perth I haven’t cooked any food at home. :p   She is always in the kitchen doing something, so there is no space for me!

Here are some of Indonesian sweets she made…

<Ketan Hitam>

Ketan = glutinous rice, hitam = black in Indonesian (according to M)

If you browse on internet you’ll see various forms of this dish, but M always make like this ↓↓↓

Like porridge.

On the photo it looks like azuki beans, but the texture is totally different.  This black rice is very chewy and juicy.  I love the texture!


  • 400g black glutinous rice
  • 1300ml water
  • 2 pandan leaves
  • 125ml palm sugar syrup (dissolve palm sugar with hot water)

You can buy a small packet of black glutinous rice from Asian grocery shops.

  1. Wash rice.  Soak the rice in water for few hours (to soften up).
  2. Place rice in a sauce pan with water and pandan leaves.  Bring to boil, then reduce the heat to low.  Cook for about 40 minutes.  You’ll need to stir constantly.
  3. Add palm sugar syrup, and stir until the liquid almost evaporates.  Add a pinch of salt.
  4. Remove from the heat and let it cool down.

They usually eat this Ketan Hitam with coconut milk.

<Biji Salak>

This is also a chewy sweet ♪

  • sweet potatoes
  • tapioca flour
  • palm sugar syrup
  1. Steam (or microwave) sweet potatoes.  (as much as you like)  Mash up.
  2. Add tapioca flour, 1 tbs at a time, and mix well.  Continue until you can roll up the mixture into a long stick shape.  Chop up  into 2~3 cm length.
  3. Boil water in a sauce pan, and add the sweet potato dumplings.  (not too much at a time)  Once the dumplings float to the surface, scoop them out.
  4. Serve with palm sugar syrup.  (and coconut milk)


They are very easy to make, but to me they are “foreign food”.  In Japan we don’t eat coconut milk/cream (now maybe they do) as well as palm sugar, tapioca flour etc.  These food are all foreign things in Japan, and the food contained these ingredients are called “Asian food”.  Japanese food is pretty different from other “Asian” food.  🙂

Indonesian/Malay Food

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I’m so lucky to have a chance to eat many kinds of Asian food. While I was in Japan I didn’t get to eat any Middle Eastern/Eastern/Sough Asian food, except for satay and Nasi Goreng at Izakaya. Of course, they didn’t taste like how they should taste, as they changed the recipe to suit Japanese people’s mouth. Since I came to Perth I’ve had so many food that I’d never eaten.

One of them is Chinese food. There are many Chinese people in Perth so I could try eating more real Chinese food here. In Japan we have lots of Chinese restaurants too, but those food are made for Japanese people, I think. When I asked my friend (Chinese) about some Chinese dish I know, she had no clue what I was talking about. In Japan, typical Chinese dish is “Happo-sai (八宝菜)”, “Hoi-Ko-lo(回鍋肉)”, “Chin-jao-lo-su(青椒肉絲)”, “Ebi Chili (chili prawn), “gyoza (dumplings) etc. For instance, if you order Hoi-Ko-lo(回鍋肉) you will get exact same dish from any restaurants in Japan, it’s always a thinly-sliced pork and cabbage dish stir-fried with some miso paste and other sauces. But, I believe that this Hoi-Ko-lo(回鍋肉) means just “stir-fried meat dish” in Chinese.(according to these Chinese characters) We just call this dish as Hoi-Ko-lo(回鍋肉) and believe this is the name of this dish, but I think it can be any meat dish and with any sauces. If you go to China and order “Hoi-Ko-lo(回鍋肉)” in a restaurant I don’t think I can get the exact Hoi-Ko-lo(回鍋肉) dish as I know. (or maybe they don’t even understand it)

I’d never eaten “san choi bow”, “Japanese tofu”, “Peking ribs” etc before, and now they are my favorites.

Now, about Indonesian food. My mother-in-law (to be in one month) cooks lots of Indonesian/Chinese food for us, and I love them! Some people think Japanese can not eat spicy food, but I do. I always keep fresh chili in my garden!

Every time she fly to Perth, she cooks beef rendang, siew mai (chewy steamed dumplings with peanuts sauce. She always coat boiled eggs, tofu and boiled potatoes with mince meat and then steam. Different from what I knew as siew mai in Japan), gado-gado (mixture of blanched vegetables with peanuts sauce), bak mee (soup noodle), oxtail soup, ayam goreng (deep-fried chicken), sayur asem (sour soup with vegetables), bachang (triangular-shaped glutinous rice dumplings wrapped with bamboo leaves. She stuff mixture of mince meat inside) etc etc …

She also cooks some desserts, I will up-date it later…

I had rendang last night. RIght after I opened the door I knew she was cooking rendang. Smells so nice… Beef is very soft and melts in your mouth, so you don’t even need to chew. She usually accompany rendang with hard boiled eggs.

I’m now waiting for her cooking some siew mai… very yummy. 🙂

Cheesy Toast with Condensed Milk

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The combination of condensed milk and cheese was actually little shocking to me at first.  To me, toasted bread with cheese is supposed to be savory, not sweet.  I was told this recipe from my hubby.  He said this dish is very common in Indonesia…  I tried it anyway, and it tasted actually good!  Nice snack when you feel like some sweet stuff.

To make this is very easy…

<peanut butter version>

  1. Toast 2 slices of bread
  2. Spread peanut butter on one slice, and sandwich.
  3. Top with grated tasty cheese, and drizzle condensed milk over.  Melt the cheese in oven toaster or microwave.
<banana version>
  1. Toast 1 slice of bread.
  2. Top with grated tasty cheese.  Melt the cheese in oven toaster or  microwave.
  3. Arrange sliced banana on the top, and drizzle condensed milk over.
 Enjoy while it’s hot.
In Indonesia there’s a food called “Martabak“.  This Martabak can be both sweet and savory.  I love “Cheese and Condensed Milk Martabak”, and “Chocolate Martabak”.  At Martabak stalls in Indonesia we can see how they make Martabak, and I know how much butter is used in there….  So I can’t eat lots of them even though they taste really nice!

Bintang Cafe

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Other day sister_in_law picked us up for quick lunch.  She likes eating out and knows lots of nice places.  This time she took us to this Bintang Cafe in Victoria Park. 

This cafe serves Indonesian food.  I think their menu is real Indonesian food and comparable to ones you get in Indonesia as I ate similar food when I was in Jakarta.  

“Try our best home made egg noodles”  According to their menu, it seems that egg noodle is their speciality!  I normally prefer rice noodles, so I ordered kway teow noodle but I tried little bit of egg noodles from partner’s bowl.  He ordered Mie Ayam Jamur & Bakso = egg noodle soup with chicken pieces and beef meat balls.  I knew Bakso means “beef meat balls” and I ate this type of noodle back in Jakarta.  It was nice.

At first I thought the portion was quite small, but I was pretty full after emptying the bowl.  The soup was tasty 🙂  I heard that some Indonesian places in Perth use MSG though…  do they??

We also ordered chicken satay.  It was really nice.  I like the frame-grilled flavor… and the peanut sauce!  Yum.

I saw people eating some fish and chicken dish with rice.  They looked really nice.  The fish was grilled (or fried) and served with some sambal?  I don’t know, I should try it next time.

By the way this eating place is quite small, and the atmosphere reminds me of Indonesia.  If you want to try typical Indonesian food (noodle, rice dish and some side dish) I recommend this place.  This place is always full with Indonesian / Malaysian customers.

My Favorite Indonesian Food

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oxtail soup with rice


Oxtail soup!! 🙂  I know some people hate oxtails, or other weird parts of meat like feet and tongues, but I LOVE THEM.  In Japan you can find many kinds of offal in Yakiniku restaurants and they are my favorite:p

Actually I’d never had chance to eat oxtail soup till I went to Jakarta last year.  When I found “oxtail soup” on the menu board at a food court, I decided to try it without hesitation.  and it was really good!

When I make oxtail soup at home I use pressure cooker, it’s just because that it makes the cooking time much shorter and the meat much tenderer.  You don’t even need to use your teeth to bite the meat, it melts (>v<)


And this fried prawn.  It looks like Tempura but it tastes totally different.  The coating flour is seasoned and and kinda salty.  Goes very well with seafood:)



Ayam Goreng!  This is a famous Indonesian food:)  I like them with wings, eaten with sambal chili (terasi)


Bak Mee:)  This is a egg noodle soup with wantons, chicken, mushroom and spinach.  I always eat with fresh cut chili.

packetsambalround chili

Another Fan of Indonesian Fried Chicken??

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Today's Dinner

I keep cooking this Indonesian Fried Chicken (Ayam Goreng) because they are very2 easy to make 🙂

What you need is: few pieces of Chicken and Ayam Goreng seasoning paste…

Ayam Goreng Seasoning

(Left:Sambal(Chili) / Right:Ayam Goreng Seasoning)

1) Marinade the chicken in Ayam Goreng paste (1 kg chicken = 2tbs )

2) Add 1 cup of water, and then boil until all the liquid is absorbed.

3) Just deep-fry the chicken ♪

4) Eat with Sambal chilli 🙂

Another dish…***Sang Choy Bow*****

Chop up carrot, celery, garlic, ginger and a handful of peeled prawn 🙂

Chop chop…..(^0^)

Then stir-fry with chicken mince, some soy sauce and oyster sauce!

How simple is that??

Eat with fresh, crisp lettuce leaves 🙂

Ayam Goreng with Sambal Terasi Chilli.

Ummmm… so full!! :p