Bali Trip 2012

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Firstly…..   I really really enjoyed Bali!!  I love Bali and I’m sure I will be going back there again soon 🙂

Secondly….  It was soooooo hot and humid.  I should have known that the climate is same as the one in Jakarta, but I forgot how hot it gets in Indonesia.  I didn’t wear make-up at all.  There’s no point doing it as it will get washed off by sweats.

We flew with AirAsia.  It was first time to fly with AirAsia and we were little worried about delay etc, but everything went smooth.  Flight attendants were friendly and helpful.  We ordered meal online beforehand so we got 20%off.  We ordered assorted sandwiches and pancakes.  They’re reasonably fresh and tasted ok.

If you want to eat meal on the plane with AirAsia you should order online beforehand as it’s cheaper and sometimes you can’t get what you want due to limited stock. 🙂


We stayed at Jas Villa in Seminyak.  The place is not far from the beach, but didn’t go there.  Instead we swam in the pool inside our villa.  We swam a lot, and took shower/bath approximately 10 times a day to wash off the sweats!

The villa was so nice – it’s got 2 bedrooms and each room has bathrooms.  Living area/kitchen was comfy, and the swimming pool was great.  It’s very deep and I had to stand with my toes.

Villa serves breakfast daily and they bring to us.  We order a day before and ask them what time we want breakfast. Food was freshly cooked and still hot, with drinks and fruits.  All inclusive to the room fee.

Bathroom is half outside – shower area has no ceiling.   I loved taking shower there.

The air-con in our room wasn’t working properly so it was so hot…..  Luckily my dad’s room was ok, so we escaped there every night just to chill out….


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