Feel Like Japanese Tonight

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It’s sometimes hard to cook what I want to eat everyday.  D is such a nice husband and likes to help me cooking dinner, but his choice of food is quite different from what I want,,, most of the time :-p  He’s been into hash brown wrap with bacon and egg, and we had that for lunch today.  Since I had time to cook today as Hiro had 2 naps during the day, I made some Japanese food for dinner. 😀

The mail dish is this ginger chicken (recipe) – I used chicken thigh and marinated in the sauce before grilling. It’s served on a bed of simmered cabbage which is also cooked in the teriyaki-style sauce.

This is one of my favourite dish – simmered hijiki seaweed with chicken and vegetables (recipe).  It’s shame that you can’t get hijiki from shops in Perth as it’s not permitted to import commercially 🙁  You need to import by yourself from Japan!  I still have 2 more packets which I brought from Japan in Feb this year.

It’s a typical nimono (simmered dish), but hijiki is great for your skin and hair and is very healthy.  I made it with chicken, carrot, konnyaku and abura-age (deep-fried bean curd), but you can also add soy beans and/or snake beans.

This is pickled cabbage.  It’s one of the dish my grandma used to make at home.  It’s made with just cabbage and salt, but is a great companion to steamed rice 🙂

I will post recipes of these three dishes …

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