Canning Vale Indian Grocery Shop

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There is an Indian grocery shop at Market City in Canning Vale, just at the corner of Ranford road and Bannister road.  This shop opens 7 days a week, along with other retail shops in Market City.

The price of items in this shop is competitive, and people travel there to buy some Indian and Asian groceries, but there is one more reason why this place is filled with people ; especially on weekends.

They sell some ready-made foods, including some Indian sweets and meals such as Nasi Lemak.  I often see people there in early morning wearing pajamas who look for take-away breakfast!

There is an Indian restaurant (it’s more like small take-away type shop) next door.  It’s also popular and I see many Indian people eating breakfast and lunch there.


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  1. 1 fijiproduce said at 12:57 pm on March 23rd, 2015:

    now days Indian product are available every where. thank-you for sharing.

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