Nippon Food Subiaco October2011

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It seems like Nippon Food Supplies in Subiaco is the major grocery shop in Perth which carries mainly Japanese foods and drinks (post) now.  There are few more (I will write about these places later), but I think Nippon Food is the only one who does monthly sale on their products.  I’ve decided to write down their monthly specials here in Umeboss from now on.  October is almost over, but they haven’t created November catalogue yet, so the below is this month’s sale items at Nippon Food in Subiaco.

Monthly Special 01 ~ 31 October 2011

• Mirin 1L (brand: Takara)  $12.80 → $10.20

• Snack (salty) 30 pieces (product name: umain-bou) $9.00 → $7.20

• Green tea soba noodles dry 200g (brand: itoen) $3.20 → $2.60

• Barley tea packs 10 pieces (brand: hakubaku) $4.80 → $3.80

• Snack (sweet) 8 pieces (brand: Bourbon) $3.70 → $3.00

• Instant miso soup, red miso, 4 pieces (brand: nagatanien) $2.80 → $2.20

Featured Dish October : Sukiyaki

< Recipe >  serves 2

  • 200g thinly sliced beef
  • 200g firm tofu
  • 500g spring onion
  • 1 pack kuzukiri
  • mushrooms
  • 150ml Sukiyaki seasoning sauce
  1. Cut spring onion into lengths of about 5cm.  Cut tofu into 4cm cubes.
  2. Pour sukiyaki sauce into a deep pan, and bring to simmer.  Add beef, then tofu.  Once beef is nearly cooked, add all the remaining ingredients.

Sukiyaki Seasoning Sauce

Prices at Nippon Food Subiaco

Sukiyaki seasoning sauce 500ml $8.00

Firm tofu 600g $2.70

Assorted mushrooms (fresh) $5.00

Thinly sliced beef (frozen) 500g $9.80 / 1kg $17.20

Kuzukiri 90g $3.50

***  For direction to use kuzukiri, please read instruction on the packaging, or ask staff at the shop ***

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