Baby and Kids Market

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I knew about this Baby and Kids Market for a long time but it was my first time going there. It was held at South Fremantle Senior High School recreation centre on last Sunday.  There was nothing I was looking for to buy particularly, except for one thing – a baby bath chair. I was thinking to buy either here or in Japan, and they’re around $30 ~ $50. I was hoping that someone would be selling one at the market, but I didn’t think that I could actually find it.

….. I found it!

It’s the one I saw at Big W. Japanese bath chairs are much cuter and seems more comfortable, but this one will do for 3 months in Japanese bath room. It has suction cups at the bottle so it doesn’t get slippery. I got it for $10.

The market was from 9am till 12pm, and I arrived there around 11:30, so I didn’t really have time look around. But, I got further discount on baby clothes and toys! I got some winter jackets and pajamas for him to wear in Japan. And, I got a nappy disposable bin for free!  The seller didn’t want to take it home so she gave it to me. (´∀`=)♥

On the way back home we stopped at McDonald’s to grab some lunch.  And we won 1 French fry!  I was so full after eating BigMac value meal… but couldn’t help myself to steal some of caramel McFlurry.


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