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It’s been great….  Things are getting done one by one as I planned in my head. 😀   I had few things that I wanted to do before going to and while staying in Japan, such as going to a salon and having hair cut, and my schedule is looking pretty good now.

At coupon websites in Japan, such as Groupon and Ponpare, I was kind of hoping that they’d have coupons for hair salons and restaurants in my home town.  We won’t be able to travel around Japan this time as we have Hiro and it will be snowing.  Then, few days ago, Ponpare was selling ¥1000 worth Hot Pepper (a monthly and free coupon magazine) points for ¥100!  This means that I could get ¥900 off the price at salons listed on Hot Pepper.  I bought it straight away!  ¥900 is big!  It’s worth more than one meal at McDonald’s for D and me. 🙂

I was planning to stay at a hotel for few nights near my grandparents’ house sometime in November, and I found a few-thousands-yen-worth accommodation voucher for ¥100 at some coupon site (I don’t remember which website) as well.  Now, we are basically staying one night for almost free. 🙂

Somethings are worth waiting.  Lucky I didn’t make a booking for the accommodation already.  Now, my booking for haircut is done, accommodation has been booked, and a car for us to use during 3 months has been organised (by my dad).  I just need to rent a baby car seat online, which I will do sometime soon.

At my friend’s house, the other day, we were talking that how nice shopping in Japan will be.  There are many things (useful things) available at the shops, and they are cheaper and better quality than things here.  I’m so going to buy many things in Japan.  It’s ok, because I won’t be shopping anything for awhile in Perth after coming back here!  Baby goods are surely in my shopping list, including feeding, bathing and toilet training items, as well as homeware and kitchenware for myself to use :). Lucky I have D this time, as he can bring some of the stuff back here in Perth.  🙂

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