Steam Cleaner

Posted September 12th, 2011 in Ume's Interests No Comments »

It’s been warm and sunny… Yap, spring is here!  It should be. September is already half past!

It was a “cleaning” Sunday for us. We washed our car, finally…  And, we bought this steamer from Kmart for $29 and steam-cleaned lots of things in the house. Actually, at first I wasn’t sure if it’s really going to work.  It’s $29 and is from Kmart.  But, it’s working pretty good!

It releases hot steam and the pressure is strong. It’s not strong enough to wash car wheels, but works ok on sofas, car seats, cushions, etc.  You only put 175ml water on each use so it’s very right to carry and is handy. We steamed Hiro’s toys, play mat, car seat, etc.  It was a good buy!

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