It’s Long Weekend in Perth

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How’s everyone’s long weekend? I actually didn’t know that today was public holiday until Sunday…

On Sunday I had lunch with in-laws (sisters, brothers, and a nephew) at Gourmet on Wray.  It was such a beautiful day – I was wearing a jacket but it was pretty warm. I had a chicken burger, and D had beef burger with chili jam.

He said the chili jam tasted different from last time he tried. He’s been making his own chili jam at home, and he thinks his is the best :p

After that we went to Fremantle market to look for something for my friend in Hokkaido. There were so many people in Fremantle… especially around Cappuccino street and market area. I didn’t want Hiro to be in the crowd for too long (as he might catch some virus) so we headed home quickly.

After we got home, three of us headed to the park near the house and walked around a bit. Hiro was so curious of birds and trees… but fell asleep in the carry bag :p

Oh my gosh… look at the chubby bub.

It’s getting really cold at night and morning. Take care not to catch cold, everyone 🙂


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