Winter Breakfast

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Today’s breakfast – chicken porridge and spring rolls 🙂
Eating hot breakfast gives you energy and power to kick start a day!

Porridge is very easy to prepare in a slow cooker, and needs just two ingredients: rice and chicken mince.  1.5 cups of rice makes about 6 serves.  (my old post → recipe)  I usually eat it with toppings of fried shallots & lemongrass, spring onions and cut chili.  Sometimes with char kwee, parsley leaves, char siu pork, or omelette, too.

I made the spring rolls with leftover vegetables from coleslaw. The weather is bit too cold for salad now, so I used the shredded cabbage and red onion to the spring roll stuffing.  Add some chicken mince and other vegetables (if you have), and season with oyster sauce, shrimp paste, sweet chili, soy sauce and ginger.  Don’t forget to thicken the liquid with cornflour + water.  Then, wrap the mixture in spring roll sheets, and deep-fry.  Here you are – a delicious crispy low-budget snack. 🙂

Now, off to mothers’ group!


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