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KOHARU-BIYORI is a day that you can feel the spring is just around the corner.  Today was the one for me!  Sunny, nice wind and blue sky:)  so I went riding (motorbike)! 

View of Perth city...on the way to Attadale

View of Perth city...on the way to Attadale

***Point Water Reserve in Attadale****  This is one of my favorite spot in Perth.  Why??  because there is an unique feature in this place.

 Can you see there is a small path in the water??  When it is low tide, you can actually walk through to the other side of the river!!!  Of course most of the time this path is under the water and you can’t walk through it.  Usually in the summer holidays/weekends this place is full of people!

Today it was pretty windy so there were many many people enjoying water surfing.  Not many people on the ground.  I could see just few people walking through the path:p

This cafe is also usually filled with people but it was pretty late When I got there and very windy, so not many customer.  I love a pit stop here:)  Clear sky, beautiful view and a great coffee!!

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