Easy Sushi with Leftover Food

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Tuna Rolls

If you are thinking of making a sushi platter for upcoming party, you can choose to make just easy ones.  Just adding one platter of sushi to the party table makes whole thing gorgeous.

Sushi rolls are not difficult to make at all, and you don’t need to buy expensive sashimi-grade seafood or follow traditional Japanese recipe book.  You can just create your own varieties.

Here are some examples…

<Tuna Rolls>

I assume tuna can is one of the things that people always have in their kitchen.  You can use them (either chunks or sandwiches tuna) for making sushi:)  Just mix up with mayonnaise (pref Japanese mayonnaise) and few drops of soy sauce before rolling up with rice.

<Reft-Over Chicken Rolls>

Roasted chicken, grilled chicken, or even deep-fried chicken, you can shred them up and put into sushi rolls 🙂  You may add mayonnaise to it, or if the chicken is seasoned already (like roasted cajun chicken) you can just add to the roll 🙂


Just buy Inari Skin from Asian shop.  You don’t need makisu (bamboo sheet) or nori sheet as this sushi can be made by just stuffing the rice into the pockets!

<Sesame Rolls>

If you don’t have nori sheet, you can just decorate the outside of roll with sesame seeds.  On plastic wrap sprinkle sesame seeds (white, black, or both) and spread the sushi rice.  Place any toppings on the rice, and roll it up!  Don’t roll up the the plastic wrap, just the rice :p

<Thin Egg Rolls>

Crack one egg in a bowl and mix with little drops of water.  Pour in a hot flying pan and make a thin egg sheet.  After it’s cool, place the egg sheet on the bamboo mat or plastic wrap and spread the sushi rice on top.  Place your favorite toppings and roll it up.

<Avocado + Ham Rolls>

If you have ingredients for sandwiches but don’t have any bread, you can just use them to make sushi rolls.  Spread sushi rice on nori sheet, and place ham, lettuce and avocado slices.  Drizzle mayo if you like.  Roll up the enjoy♪

To see pictures, click here.

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