New iPad 2

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Browsing internet in the bed before getting up is what D does each morning.  Since I don’t go to work anymore, we wake up around the same time and get up around the same time.  When he was watching the video of Apple releasing new iPad next to me, I just had to watched and listened too.

These computer things…  new one keeps coming and coming!  If I was alone, I would be so far away from such news and wouldn’t even know what iPad was.

On the video, they’re saying how fast, thin, and light the iPad2 is, but what I liked (kind of) was the magnetic cover called “smart cover“.  There’re 10 designs, 5 with polyurethane (the one used for space uniform) and 5 with leather.  The cover also wakes up the iPad as you open it, and put to sleep as you close it.  It’s an optional accessary and you will need to buy it.

It does stand up the iPad too.

When I saw the cover, it reminded me of bath tub cover in Japan.


iPad2 will be released on March 11 in US, and in some of other countries including Australia and Japan on March 25.

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