What to Give This Christmas…

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Deciding what to give on the Christmas and birthdays are sometimes hard job for me.  For some people it’s easy – for example, for a friend who likes taking bath I will give her a set of bath salt or something she can use in her bath time.  For some people, on the other hand, it’s difficult to imagine what will please them.  

My in-laws suggest to do secret santa each year on Christmas.  It’s actually a good idea as I don’t need to worry about buying something for everyone (my husband has 7 sisters, brothers and nephew).  But, it’s bit hard if I pick brother-in-laws because I have no idea what he is interested in and would like.  One sister is also a difficult one because she seems to have everything.  If something becomes a trend on the year, she has it.  

But, the person who I find it’s most difficult to get exactly what he wants is D, my husband.  He knows so many things than I do – if there is an earthquake in Japan, he knows before I hear from my family.  It’s because he is always online and check news and other geeky stuff everyday.   So, he knows where to buy some stuff at cheapest price, and which product and brand is nice and works well.  He likes computer stuff and I always think I should buy him something he can use, but I’m not really familiar with these things and have no idea where and what to buy it.  And, as he can get lots of information on the internet, he always find an unique gift for someone else.  This year he is the secret santa for his brother-in-law, and he bought this:

Bacon band aid…  very unique, and I think it’s a perfect gift for the bacon-lover.

It’s kind of a funny story, to think about it.  I start planning around September what to buy for D for his birthday and Christmas each year (his birthday is on December), but I always end up rushing on deciding one or two weeks before his birthday.  Few years ago, I planned so hard that I got confused, and in the end I gave him a cushion.  I don’t really know why I bought a cushion for him, but that’s what I did.  This year was also terrible.  I had a list of “things I may buy for his birthday and Christmas”, but as closer it gets to his birthday all the things on the list started to seem boring.  In the end, I bought him a cleaner kit for glasses.  Why!?

There are still 2 weeks till Christmas, and I still have a chance to regain his love.. (* Ŏ∀Ŏ)  This time I decided to write down a memo whenever he talks about things he wants or is interested in : anything, e.g. last night he was browsing a site about space invader game and pacman.  Yeah, right, he likes retro stuff.  And, I remembered he likes bonsai and vespa.  This list will be kept for next year in case I forget what he likes (I really have a short memory).


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