Lunch at Bintang Cafe and Indonesian Comedy Singers

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On the weekend I had lunch with my in-lows at Bintang Cafe in Victoria Park. (my previous post about Bintang Cafe is here)  As we’re a group of 7 people, I didn’t think we could get a table easily (this place is pretty small) especially during lunch time on Saturday.  As I thought there’re packed with people (mostly Asians) and we waited outside for few minutes.

I know their popular dish is Me Ayam Jamur (egg noodle with chicken and mushroom, soup served separately), but I didn’t fell like eating wet stuff.  I ordered Kway Teow Goreng (fried kway teow noodle).  Other people ordered Gado-Gado (Indonesian salad: blanched vegetables with peanut sauce), Me Ayam Jamur with extra wontons, Bihun Goren (fried bihun noodle), Ayam Kway Teow (kway teow noodle with chicken), and omelet-looking tofu dish (my husband doesn’t remember the name of the dish).

I actually wanted to order some Ais Kacang (Malaysian/Singapore/Indonesian dessert with shaved ice with syrup, beans, etc) but I didn’t.  I didn’t really look through the menu, but I don’t think they have it on the menu.  Sister-in-low ordered Soda Gembira – a drink with special syrup, condensed milk and soda water- and it looked nice (and very sweet).  Brother-in-low ordered milk bubble tea with sago.

We ordered Tempe too.  This is a deep-fried soy bean dish and is very good for pregnant women.

Pempek.  Deep-fried fish cake with egg inside, covered with tamarind sauce.  The sauce tastes spicy, sour and sweet.  All these food remind me of Indonesia!

When we were about to finish our food, the outside started to be little noisy.  I had no idea what people were talking about, as they were speaking Indonesian.  Then my husband told me “hey! he is a famous comedian!!”

“Project Pop” is an Indonesian comedy singer group (apparently), and the gathering outside Bintang Cafe there’re one or two of Project Pop members.  I didn’t know which one was which (as I’ve never watched Indonesian tv) but father-in-low took a photo with one of the member, Udjo.

Afterwards we found out that they came to Perth to join an event held at UWA.  Hmm… I hope some Japanese comedians or celebrity come to Perth too…


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