Ultrasound Screening

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Although I can feel the baby’s movement, I still get nervous before the ultrasound screening.  Is he really ok?  Maybe the movement I felt was just a movement of my own belly…

I hear some horrible news about still birth.  I know I worry too much (my mum say that too), but I can’t help it (><)

At the ultrasound screening, however, Jr shows his healthy appearance.  Then I feel relieved.

At my recent ultrasound, I could hear the heart beating and observe the long legs and arms.  The Sonographer tried to take a clear picture of the baby’s face, but he kept hiding it with two hands!  As if he was too shy to show the face to the camera.

Other than the face I could see his hands and legs very clearly.  He was showing his hand to the camera as if he was saying “Stop! Stop trying to take photo of my face!”.


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  1. 1 achan said at 10:07 am on October 22nd, 2010:

    No Jr is saying “Hi there, wave to me”
    3D scans are very freaky, I think your baby will look much cuter in real life!!!

    Ume as a mother you will always worry that’s what we do. I don’t remember really worrying during my pregnancy but I was so scared that my baby would die from SIDS. It is natural to worry I think.

  2. 2 umepontarou said at 10:43 am on October 22nd, 2010:


    >your baby will look much cuter in real life!!!
    I hope so! I wonder if his face has completed or still forming. The Sonographer pointed a little nose and eyes, but they weren’t that clear.

    Thanks for your advise, I will keep try not to worry too much 😀

  3. 3 coko said at 1:58 pm on October 22nd, 2010:

    so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!
    i follow u on my google reader, so i feeel like you my friend even though you dont even know me!!! lol

  4. 4 umepontarou said at 4:14 pm on October 22nd, 2010:

    Hi Coko,

    Oh thank you! That’s very sweet… 😀

  5. 5 Kath said at 7:07 pm on October 22nd, 2010:

    Congrats! Sounds like junior passed his health checks with flying colours!

    So… Do you actually know the sex? Is it a boy or are you just saying “he” for convenience? (you don’t have to tell us but I am curious if you found out). I found out with both of mine, but many don’t!

  6. 6 umepontarou said at 9:18 pm on October 22nd, 2010:

    Hi Kath!

    Thank you 😀

    Jr is a boy. My obstetrician told us at 16th week.

    I couldn’t really figure out what “it” was he was pointing at then, but at 19th week I could see the “thing” between his legs 🙂

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