Unagi Donburi

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Unagi donburi on a hot day!  Unagi gives you stamina, and contains some essential vitamins and iron.

I have never made unagi kabayaki by myself.  Even in Japan people normally just go to a supermarket or some special shop to buy it.  I have made a resemble dish with sardine before, and it was not bad.  Fresh eel is such difficult to get. Besides, they look like snake, so I don’t think I can handle cooking them!

So, when I make unagi donburi I normally buy the ready-made unagi kabayaki from Asian grocery shops.  Most of the time it comes with a pack of sauce, but if not I buy a bottle of sauce unagi-kabayaki-no-tare separately.

Bring a pot of water to the boil.  Place a pack of unagi (unopened) into the water and simmer for 3 minutes. Remove from the plastic packaging, cut the unagi meat, and then arrange on top of steamed rice.

I like red ginger as an accompaniment to unagi.  The ginger kills the smell of unagi, and also it makes the after-taste refreshing.

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