Japanese Food I Miss…

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  • Happosai (八宝菜)
One of the typical Chinese food in Japan.  I believe there is not such dish in the real Chinese cuisine.  It’s like, someone goes to Japan and ask for “teriyaki beef”.
It’s a dish with many kinds of vegetables + meat/seafood in thickened sauce. (normally contains pork, prawn, squid, jelly fish, bamboo roots, Chinese cabbage, carrot, etc)  I love this dish, so yummy.  I can eat it everyday.
  • Mos Teriyaki Burger
I just like this because I used to eat this with my friends on the way home from high school.  Eating this kinda remind me of the teenage era.
  • My grandma’s Seasoned Rice
My grandma used to cook this seasoned rice at home.  It’s just a simply steamed rice with few vegetables and light seasonings.  It taste so delicious, I should ask her for the recipe!
  • Fried Rice and Gyoza at Korakuen (a Chinese restaurant near my house)
My family used to go to this Chinese restaurant often since I was little, and every time we go there we eat sooo much.  Gyoza, Fried wings, Ramen, Cha-han (fried rice), other Chinese dishes…  Everything was delicious, but I love the Cha-han and Gyoza the best.  It’s very sad that the owner (chef) closed the business just few years ago due to his injured hand. 🙁
  • Sugakiya Ramen
I love Sugakiya!!! (><)  I’ve been having craving for Sugakiya ramen since few weeks ago, and I emailed my mum saying that I may go back to Japan just to eat this ramen. They sell retail packs of their noodle in supermarkets in Japan and I thought Nippon Food or somewhere may sell this ramen, but I couldn’t find it anywhere in Perth.  I don’t know how to explain the taste of the ramen: the soup is whitish. Their ramen set menu with seasoned rice and soft serve was my regular order since I was a kid!  My husband loved their kalbi donburi on our last visit.
  • Sushi at SushiMasa (a sushi bar near my house)
They use the freshest, top grade fish bought straight from the fish market each day.  They also serve Izakaya type of menu.  Sadly the owner (sushi chef, and also he was my dad’s friend) passed away few years ago and now his wife is continuing the shop.I love her home-style cooking.
  • Okonomiyaki Kawase (a okonomiyaki restaurant near my house)
This is also a restaurant my family used to go to quite often.  The owners were old couple, and we loved the okonomiyaki and other dishes there.  The place is pretty small and there’s no parking lot, so every time my dad had to drop us off first and drive few metres to find a parking spot.  We always ate a lot.  4 people, 4 okonomiyaki, 3 yakisoba, 2 onigiri, sometimes oden, and soft serve.  We had big appetite!  :p   They were quite old people when I was 10 years old, so I’m not sure if the restaurant is still open…  
  • My Mum’s Cooking
Even though I try to cook like my mum, I can’t make the taste exact same.  There were 7 people in my family when I was teenager, and she always cooked big amount.  Sometimes it’s easy to cook in big portion rather than one or two portion : more food gives more flavor.  I really miss her food!  Especially….
Tamago-toji Udon, Oyako-donburi, Buta-jiru, Omu-Rice…..  actually, everything!
Ahhhh…  I can’t wait to fly to Japan…  

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