A Sight of Spring

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It was another cold night, and I wrapped myself in a blanket on the sofa and was watching tv with my husband.  It was warm during the day though…

As I stretched my body, I looked up the ceiling.  Then, I noticed something…. something black, something big…

It was a spider (>0<)!!

I remember, we had a terrible summer in this house few years ago.  Many many huge spiders showed up one night, and we had to fight them until midnight.  The thing is, both of us HATE insects – including spiders.  We were both crying but had to kill all the spiders otherwise we couldn’t go to bed. 

Image Photo

Image Photo

Those spiders were really huge.  They were about the size of my face!!  With the legs, of course.  And the bodies were covered with thick black hair.  Taranchula??  

Next day we called pest control to spray all over the house.  Since then, we started to spray insecticide all around the house in early spring each year.  This year we haven’t done it, but we will do it this weekend to kill all the spider eggs before they hatch.

Fortunately there was only one last night.  Our house has very high ceiling and it’s impossible to reach the spider.  We had to drop the spider to the floor first, so my husband started to throw small balls to the spider.  

After 1 hour….  the spider was still there.  My husband was starting to be tired.  We took the largest ladder from the garage, and tried to reach the spider by climbing up the ladder and using a combined two brooms. Finally, he could get the spider down….!  It dropped on the floor, and tried to run away.  Then I was in panic.  

My husband and I are not trying to be cute, but we are truly truly afraid of insects – especially the one with this size.  I was too scared to get close to the spider and kill it.  I screamed, he screamed, and finally he became a man… – grabbed a slipper and bashed the spider.  It’s over.

Afterwards my body was so warm: maybe from the thrilling and screaming.  If there is one spider, I believe there should be more around this house.  I’d better keep my eyes open… 



6 Comments on “A Sight of Spring”

  1. 1 Mark said at 3:01 pm on August 16th, 2010:

    Must say l understand your fear of spiders, kitten is the same, will get a call to go and save her from them, however small they are, you realise of course the spider was at least 15 feet away from you, totally safe distance and doing you no harm and probably doing you a favour eating other insects,okay you have a phobia about spiders but try in the future to deal with it in ways other than killing it espcially when so far away a step ladder and 2 broom handles can barely touch it.

  2. 2 umepontarou said at 9:30 am on August 17th, 2010:


    What if the spider is poisonous?!?
    If I don’t kill, there will be tens of spiders when it gets warm. That’s what happened to this house few years ago.

  3. 3 Renzy said at 3:03 pm on August 17th, 2010:

    Hi ume, please next time don’t kill them. There is other way to get rid of them. What I would do is once the spider is on the floor, cover it up with a glass transparent bowl/cup. then once the spider its trapped inside get a piece of cardbox/strong paper eg from front cover magazine or something then slide it underneath it. Then you can pick up the spider by holding the card box with ur left hand and ur right hand is holding the top bowl. Then release it outside like bushes or something. Please don’t kill them..

  4. 4 Mark said at 12:20 am on August 18th, 2010:


    More chance of white wolf tip spider in garden which is why always wear gloves whilst gardening, in your house that large spider was probably a huntsman and non poisonous.

    Like anywhere an empty space is an invitation to someone new to move in and take up the killed spider space so you are always going to have new spiders looking for new places to live coming into your house.

    Difficult decisions but l think if your were more rational about your feeling towards spiders you could learn to live more harmoniously together each in their own space.

    However l understand completely kitten is the same about spiders and yesterday she came running into to hide from a large lizard she saw in our bathroom when she went to take a bath last night.

    Having lived in Japan for 10 years she is very Japanese about having a nightly hot bath.

    She is writing in her blog about our trip to Japan this year in April with pictures you may enjoy her memories at subtletimes.wordpress.com

    We both love your blog

  5. 5 umepontarou said at 10:55 am on August 18th, 2010:


    I am starting to feel bad that I killed the spider (*_*)
    I know insects are same living creature like other animals!

    What you explained is exactly what I did for a pink gecko which I found in my kitchen few years ago. :p

  6. 6 umepontarou said at 11:09 am on August 18th, 2010:


    Thanks for your explanation. Now I’m starting to think that there should have had been another way to do with the spider.

    Your kitten’s blog is cute 🙂 Some photos of Japanese food bring up my memories in Japan…

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