Matsu Sushi

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What a beautiful day today!  Sun is out, the sky is blue…  I love driving the freeway to the city and looking at the Swan River…  It may be still bit too cold, but when it gets warmer you can see many people enjoying water sports, including canoeing, jet skiing, paragliding, swimming, etc.  I saw few canoes in the river today.

I felt like something Japanese today.  I asked my husband what he wanted to eat for lunch, then he replied to me with the usual answer…  ” Up to you.”  I hate the word!  (#_#)

I said “Ok…  Udon” coz I know he doesn’t like udon. After few minutes of discussion we decided not to eat udon, but ended up going to a food court and chose whatever we wanted.

I was actually thinking about teriyaki fish.  We went to a food court and I had teriyaki fish at Matsu Sushi.

Umm…. presentation-wise, it’s not really great.  The taste, it was ok, average. 🙂  I don’t actually like them using basa fish, but well, almost all Japanese restaurants/takeaway shops in Perth use basa fish for teriyaki fish, so I can’t complain!  I did enjoy it.

My husband had a mixed Chinese dish.  Umm.. fried stuff.

Matsu sushi has quite a few shops across Perth.  In Rockingham (Rockingham shopping centre), in Mandurah, in Morley (Galleria Morley), and in Leederville.  The Leederville shop used to be Banzai Sushi and Noodle before, and now it’s Matsu Sushi Leederville.

You can dine-in at Matsu Sushi Leederville (and probably in Mandurah), and Matsu Sushi Leederville has liquor license now.  I’m sure the food there are much better than Morley and Rockingham (in the food courts)


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