Chocolate Season

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The air is getting cool day by day, and that makes me realise that it is about the season for warm, hearty food.  I love winter food, it makes me feel warm inside and out.  Autumn to winter, I also consider this season as “chocolate season” because I get a huge craving for sweets, especially chocolate.  I think it is human nature … well, animal nature, to eat a lot in winter to build up fat on the body to survive cold winter.  Eating too much is not a good thing, and I sure don’t want to build up fat on my body, but I do look for a piece of sweet chocolate after the meal everyday in winter :p

When I read Japanese newspaper/magazine here (JA News, Perth Express) I see some new Japanese products on the advertisement (Nippon Food in Subiaco and Fremantle, Super Fuji, Maruyu, Emma’s Seafood, and Lion Oriental etc) and it makes me want to try all of them – eg: new flavor of pokky!

All of the flavor is not available in Perth though.    Personally I like the “Salty Cookie Crunch” pocky 😀





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