Edamame Stick

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I used to eat this Edamame Stick at Izakaya in Japan.  Crunchy, and light snack that goes with any drinks inclduing beer 🙂

Edamame beans can be purchased at any Oriental Grocery shops, I think.  Refer here for the list of Oriental Grocery Shops around Perth that I usually shop.

This stick gets cooked very quickly, and go brown very quickly too.  So don’t just leave them in hot oil while cooking.

Enjoy while it’s hot and crispy!

<Edamame Age> serves 3~4

  • 200g edamame in pod, or 1 cup shelled edamame – frozen
  • 2 sheets spring roll paper (harumaki paper)
  • plain flour + water
  1. Shell edamame beans from pods.
  2. Cut a harumaki sheet horizontally into 4 strips.  With 2 sheet, you should have 8 strips.
  3. Line edamame beanss on the harumaki sheet.  Wet the edge of the sheet with flour+water mixture, and roll up.  Press the edge with finger so that it closes.  Repeat with the remaining edamame.
  4. Heat oil to 170 ℃.  Place harumaki roll, one at a time, into the oil while holding it straight.  Deep-fry both side.  Repeat with the remaining rolls.
  5. Serve immediately.  Sprinkle salt as you eat.

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