Back to School

Posted January 28th, 2010 in Perth WA No Comments »

It’s almost the end of January…  time passes to fast!  Whole this month has been pretty quiet for bagelier business as many people left Perth and went back to their home countries.  It was kinda nice  to me though, I could totally relax … :p

Now customers started to come back already and my everyday duty (making bagels) is back to as it was before, which is also a good thing! 🙂

By the way, I was so freaked out this morning …  There was a blackout around my house area, and Westernpower said the power will back around 10:30 am.  Oh my gosh, I have my dough in the fridge resting and waiting for being delivered to customer next day!  (T0T)  aaa…  I was so worried, but the power actually got back on around 9:30 am.   phew.. relief ..

It made me realized how important the electricity is in our lives! I couldn’t make coffee, I couldn’t toast a piece of bread, (couldn’t bother toasting on the stove) …  no tv, no computer …

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