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As I mentioned on my previous post here and here, bijin tokei is getting more attention across the world – 240000000 viewers a month!  They’ve made Osaka version of bijin-tokei (kiss x bijin-tokei),and now here are some new versions:

circuit tokei.

The difference between this circuit-tokei and normal bijin-tokei is that girls in circuit-tokei are all race queens!


A guy version of bijin-tokei!


…. I don’t know what to say about this!  Apparently this av-tokei is run by different company.  After the success of original bijin-tokei, everyone is trying to copy the system.   For example, Korean version bijin-tokei (Mi-in sigye)  was created by a Korean company after Japan started its original bijin-tokei.  I guess there are going to be more versions …

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  1. 1 paul said at 10:45 am on January 1st, 2010:

    The race queen version is my fave. Best looking gals.

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