My Lunch and Weird Japanese Food

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I’ve been wanting to post some of my junky, fast food lunch on Umeboss, and now here they are 🙂 :

All of the above does not look nice at all !  (^^;)  Food made by men! 

Today I had raw shell fish on steamed rice with seaweed salad. The other day I had vinegar-pickled mackerel on steamed rice. I’m sure that this sounds really really gross… and looks gross, yes. That’s one of the food that Japanese people eat in this fish country :p

By the way, I’ve found something funny about Japanese people’s food. I mean, people from different area have different way to eat food. According to the magazine I read, people in Aomori prefecture eat manju tempura … Manju is a Japanese sweet (rice cake with stuffing) and they deep-fry it with tempura batter?? They also eat fresh tomatoes with sugar. Is it true!? And, people from Shiga eat takuwan (pickled radish) and mayonnaise sandwich… Well, I’m from Shiga but I’ve actually never seen such food in my life! I think it’s not true… but apparently this item has been eaten for more than 50 years and I saw a photo of the takuwan (pickled radish) and mayonnaise sandwich on the magazine, and the name of the sandwich was “salad roll”. Takuwan and mayonnaise.. it’s not salad!

The funny thing is, in Yamagata prefecture, elementary school students have to bring up miso soup from their home one a year and submit it to the school. The school analyze the contents and ingredients of the miso soup.. I don’t know what that for though :p

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