Night Out in Northbridge

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My fiance and I went to Northbridge last night.  It was just because 1: we wanted to have time away from his parents (:p), 2: my fiance’s friend and his girlfriend flew from Singapore/Malaysia 2 days ago and staying in Perth for 5 days, so maybe we could catch up with them.  Though we weren’t so hungry we were just wondering around to find a place where we can sit down and call the friends what they’re doing. As we enter the centre of Northbridge I noticed there are lots of racing-type cars and many people were gathering around them. …wow what’s going on? :p


My fiance told me that maybe they just finish a race somewhere and were having dinner. The road was closed and these cars were parked on James St.

Then we proceeded to find a place to sit down!  We didn’t feel like eating “proper dinner food”, so we decided to munch on a kebab.

We went to Alto’s Kebab House on 39 Lake St. I had a chicken kebab with sour cream and sweet chili sauce. It’s nice that you can choose as many kinds of sauces as you want. ( I only got 2 sauces anyway though)

The bread (pitta?) was not that thin but not too thick, and kinda chewy. I remember I had a kebab in somewhere Margaret River and the bread was like 1.5 cm thick, and I didn’t like it :p I liked this chewy texture on Alto’s bread, but I also don’t mind if it was little thinner and crispy texture. 🙂

In the end we found out that friends were watching movie at Garden City, so we just headed to il gelato and I had a scoop of chocolate cinnamon – flavor of the month. My fiance had a scoop of pistachio at Gelare.

While we were eating dessert, all the racers started to drive away. .. with a extreme noise. :p   That recalled a memory of a Tokyo trip when I was 15.  It was a school trip to Tokyo Disneyland and the surrounding area, and we were staying at Tokyo Bay hotel.  That night, as it was almost 1 am and I was so tired after a whole day at Tokyo Disneyland, I was in the bed about to sleep.  Then, suddenly I heard a huge noise thru the window.  A noise of cars or motorbikes!  Some people must had been enjoying their night race or something… but it was toooo noisy! (>0<)  I couldn’t sleep.  After a while the noise stopped, (I think someone called polices maybe) but I was really pissed that night..   Watching car race is fun!  but not when you want to sleep .. 🙁



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