Pizza around the world

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I believe pizza is one of everyone’s favorite food.  I like crusty base with lots of toppings.  Meaty one is not really my favorite, but with something like avocado, olives and seafood really hit my appetite.
In Japan, pizzas are quite expensive.  Usually one large size pizza is about 2000 ~ 4000 yen (about AUD$20.00 ~ 45.00).  It’s quite expensive when considering the price of pizzas here in Perth ; especially cheap Tuesday $5.90 deals at Eagle Boys / Domino and $5.00 everyday deals at Pizza Hat.
It seems that different countries have different flavors of pizzas.  It might be interesting to enjoy its speciality pizza while traveling around different countries. :p
 Aussie Bacon&Egg (Australia)                        Panner EL Rancho (India)
    Australia                              India 
    Tuna Mayo (Japan)                                     Black Pepper Chicken (Singapore)
     Pulu Kogi (Korea)                                      Teriyaki Chicken (Japan)
   Curry Chicken (Singapore)                         Chicken Caesar Salad (Japan)
  Obama Pizza (Indonesia)                             Americana (Italy)
Obama pizza sounds interesting – based with rendan sauce (= Indonesian dish made from spices and coconuts eg: Beef Rengang Curry)
but I’m still attracted by pizza menu from Japan..  is it because I’m Japanese??  There are lots of unique flavors… Pizza Hut -Jp  Domino Pizza -jp  PIZZA-LA -Jp

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