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Nowadays we can do lots of things online: rent DVD, meet your friends/family, search jobs, transfer money, change your mobile status, business meeting, buy tickets etc… without leaving home.  Still, people sometimes prefer going out for meet-up or shopping of course, otherwise they become hermit crabs!

I like online shopping and mail shopping though, I can look at catalogs at home and enjoy shopping anytime.  But, sometimes things I order look different from what I saw on catalogs or web and it’s the demerit of online/mail shopping – you can’t touch the material, check color with our eyes, and try them on.

I’m browsing few Japanese online shops to buy some clothes and stuff so that I can receive them when I go back home, but I don’t wanna buy pants and shoes online anymore…  Last time I ordered 2 pairs of pants from UNIQLO web shop, and asked my dad to bring them over here (he was coming to Perth).  I was looking forward those pants but I couldn’t fit them, they’re little too tight and too long.  If I go to UNIQLO shop I can get adjusted the hem for free.  And, I can try them on before buying of course.

The site I’m checking out right now is what I was looking for, actually.  This site offers digital catalog online, so you can search each shop’s specials or sale items online.  With this site, I can check what to look for and buy when I get to Japan.

You can even check very local shops, such as Jusco or Joshin if they have any current catalogs out.  It’s good to know what products are on sale before you go shopping so that you can save time to look around.

In Australia there is also online web-catalog site called “Lasoo“, if you wanna check it out.

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