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A fusion of Japanese and French cuisine has been a big trend since I was a teenager, and now you can find it anywhere in Japan. Even in traditional Japanese restaurant they create a menu using French techniques.

I am one of people who loves this French x Japanese food, and I often went to restaurants to enjoy the delicious food in Japan. The food is so well presented that it makes me feel guilty to eat.

It was actually a sensational experience to me when I had this unique sushi at one of modern Kaiten sushi bar in Kyoto 10 years ago. Sushi rice was cooked in red wine, and thickly sliced roast beef was arranged on the rice with a dash of mustard and shredded white spring onions. It looked wonderful and unique as red wine beautifully colored the rice into vivid red/pink.

In Perth there are few Japanese restaurants who serve some fusion food. One of them is Absolutely Chez Unicho, which used to be in Mosman Park. The Japanese chef creates very nice French x Japanese food. Unfortunately they have closed their restaurant in Perth and moved to Melbourne few months ago.

And, K’s restaurant in North Bridge. I’ve been wanting to go there but haven’t got a chance yet. One of my friend has been there few times and she said the food is nice. They have course meal, and you can choose the course depending on your budget.

Has anyone tried those restaurants? I think I will go to K’s sometime next month.

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  1. 1 Chris said at 12:20 pm on June 24th, 2009:

    Hi there,

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog about food, since I love food too.

    Just to give you my 2 cents about the Japanese-French places you’ve mentioned. I’ve been going to K’s for the past 10 years.. However, since the owner changed few years ago, the food has lost its essence in my opinion.. Back in the old days, even the steamed rice is very delicious! Now, the food is good and served faster, but I would not say its great. I’ve stopped going there now, simply because I don’t think there is anything special about the food any more…… 🙁 Do give it a try, since I might just be too picky?! 🙂

    As for Absolutely Chez Unicho…………. Once was more then enough for me! I think it was aiming at a different market than what I’ve expected at the time. The quail dish I had came after a minute of the typical Microwave “ding”.. It was very average consider the cost. The curry was good though, although not exactly Japanese-French. Don’t remember if they even have Hayashi rice.. 😀 I think it was aimed at people living at apartments there, wanting to eat something quick and cheap-ish (in local standard).

    I am looking forward to my trip to Japan later this year, even if just to eat freshly grilled Sanma with sea salt!! I usually hate eating fish.. 😉

  2. 2 umepontarou said at 3:15 pm on June 24th, 2009:

    Hi Chris,

    Wow I was surprised that you said you’d been going to K’s for 10 years! I didn’t know that the owner of the restaurant had been changed. Is his name Tetsuya? I saw this name on their window.

    For Uchino, yes they’re more like “homy” type isn’t it. They’re also selling frozen food (eg curry) in containers, and I agree that maybe they’re aiming at Japanese students or some local busy residents…

    Samma in Autumn is the best! I’m definitely eating it in September. Autumn to Winter, there’re lots of delicious food in Japan and I’m really missing them.

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