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Time passed really quick today!  This morning I went to a church to meet this lady who does flower arrangement.  I’m still looking for someone who can prepare my bouquet and flowers for my wedding :p

I want to cut down the cost on the wedding as much as I can, and I actually don’t really care about flower… any flower will do, I just don’t wanna spend big money on it.

Anyway, I had a chat with the lady, and then went home to pick up my partner for his hair cut.  I always wondered how come his face is covered with lots of tiny hairs after hair cut…  don’t they wash hair and wipe off his face?  In barbers all the customers have to go home and take shower afterwards, or is it only him? :p

So, we went home first so that he could take shower.  Then we headed to Northbridge to have lunch at Big Bowl. I had seafood ho fun and he had beef brisket noodle soup.

You can choose what type of noodle you want, and they cook right after you order.  Of course they make noodle by themselves.  Despite that, food came out pretty quick.

The taste was ok, I think I should try their “cheese noodle” next time.  Gratinated cheese on soup noodle… I’m curious to know how it tastes.  And, pork trotter noodle sounded tempting to me too!

Ummm…  Autumn.

We headed to IKEA for shopping after lunch.  I need to buy some storage unit for my clothes etc…

Tea time.

By the time we left IKEA it was already getting dark outside.

Now I’m just sitting down in the living room to set up the storage unit I bought.  Ummm is there any nice movie on tv tonight?

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