Japanese TV Commercial

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As some people know, Japanese tv shows are quite different from other countries’.  There are many comedy shows everyday, and the way they produce the shows is very comical (and sometimes I feel that’s too much :p)

Japanese joke is the most funniest, yet sometimes little cruel (that’s what I think).  You know, in Japanese comedy shows, comedians have to use their body to get the laugh (by getting hit, punched, etc) … :p  And I sometimes think that it’s too much.  Especially nowadays…. some of the jokes are not funny at all!

… anyway, when my hubby first visited Japan, he seemed to enjoy Japanese tv shows even though he doesn’t understand any words.  He said that Japanese tv shows, even tv commercials, are very funny.

Here are some of the funny/over reacting tv commercials…

Kurakon TV commercial

Fanta Drinks TV commercial

Kincho TV commercial

UFO Noodle TV commercial

Sapporo Beer TV commercial

Nisshin Cup Noodle TV commercial


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