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On my last day in Japan, we left home early morning and headed to Osaka Kansai airport.  We took a break at a rest stop by the freeway and arrived at the airport on time.  When I was at the check-in counter I was told that the flight has been delayed from 11:00 to 18:30!!  OMG…

The airport staffs were very nice though, they gave us a 2000 yen worth meal coupon and 5000yen cash each.  It’s like almost A$200.00!!  Sugoi…  :p

My family, fiancee and I went to have lunch at one of the restaurants at the airport and stayed there for about an hour.  After we said good-bye to my family, we started exploring Kansai airport.  There are so many restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops, etc inside, so we didn’t get bored at all 🙂  We bought so many things there…  2 extra big shopping bags! :p  Killing 7 and half hours there wasn’t difficult 🙂

But a tough night started after we proceeded to the boarding gate!!  (>0<)  The flight was again delayed from 18:00 to 19:15.  Because we had to transit the plane at Bali airport, we started to worry… do we still have time to transit??  

Once the plane landed at Bali airport we ran to the transit gate.  Then we noticed that the place was delayed as well!  First, they said 2:00 am, then 3:40, 4:15 and finally 5:00am…  We had nothing to do at the Bali airport;  it was very early morning so no shop was opened.  No air-conditioner either :p  We waited and waited for about 3 hours, sitting down on the chairs.  

We got back home in Perth at 10:30 am.  It’s been 24 hours since I saw my family off at the airport.  Already miss them… 🙁

Anyway, this 18 days-holiday in Japan was wonderful!  Good to be with family 🙂  The food is nice, been with family is nice, tv shows are nice…  The time passed really quickly.  I hope I can spend the next New Year’s Eve in Japan too!

6 Comments on “At the airport”

  1. 1 Tokyo Five said at 11:34 pm on January 4th, 2009:

    Wow, that must’ve been tiring!
    But at least you got some spending money and you got to spend an extra seven hours in Japan! 😉

  2. 2 umepontarou said at 1:54 pm on January 5th, 2009:

    Tokyo 5
    Yes, I really enjoyed the extra shopping time at the Kansai airport! 🙂
    After that it was a nightmare, but I guess it happens… :p

  3. 3 Tokyo Five said at 10:30 pm on January 5th, 2009:

    I’ve never had such an experience as you.
    But I’ve only ever flown a total of about 9 or 10 times in my life, so far.

  4. 4 umepontarou said at 10:54 am on January 6th, 2009:

    How long does it take from your home (America) to Narita?

  5. 5 Tokyo Five said at 9:14 pm on January 6th, 2009:

    >How long does it take from your home (America) to Narita?

    My “home” is Tokyo 😉
    From home (in Tokyo) to 成田空港 is about 90分.

    From my “home” in America (Florida) to here is a 12-13 hour flight.
    (And Tokyo’s timezone is 12-13 hours ahead of Florida’s…so if someone flies from Tokyo → Florida, they’d arrive there at the same time that they left here!
    Of course, flying back to Japan, the clock would be over 24 hours past when you left America!)

  6. 6 umepontarou said at 9:22 am on January 7th, 2009:

    Wow!! It’s funny that you’d arrive Florida at the same time that you left Japan! 🙂
    12-13 hours time different… must be tiring for you after each flight! (>0<) I'm not really used to timezone thing... Perth (Australia) and Japan normally have 2 hours difference (which is not much), but because of summertime there is no time difference between Japan and Perth now 🙂

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