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zero calorie jelly

zero calorie jelly

 One of the things that my partner got excited about in Japan was zero calorie stuff.  Japanese people seem to care about calories; in family restaurants, izakaya etc you can actually see the calories of each items (they describe on their menu).  I think it’s nice to know how much calorie each food is, but at the same time it makes me feel difficult to decide what to eat :p

Zero calorie food are available in either jelly or drinks.  They taste good, so I used to drink them very often! 🙂  They cost about 100 yen ~ 200 yen.   

Also lots of low calorie food are available too.  At the supermarkets or convenience stores you can find “100 kcal cup noodle” “55 kcal potato chips”…  They cost about 100 yen too.

I’ve never seen such “low calorie food” “zero calorie food” in Perth.  Are they only available in Japan?  In Australia, people seem to care more about “fat” “gluten” “sugar” in food, not “calorie”.

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