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“Chikyu-Bin” (YTV, Japanese TV station) broadcast heartwarming stories of the relationship between Japanese people who live in other countries and their families in Japan.  The main thing of this program is; bringing something from parents (Japan) to their daughter/son who lives out of Japan to strengthen family bonds.

Guess what!  My friend in America is going to be on this show this Sunday, August 7.  (in Western Japan “Yomiuri TV)  😀

As being its 160th story, the tv program shows my friend, Sae, who works as a service dog trainer in Santa Rosa, CA.

She and I are both from Shiga prefecture in Japan, and went to the same college in Osaka to study about animals.  Our dream was to go overseas to study about animals – she had the particular interest in service dog training and did some volunteer work in guide dog institution while studying at the college.  After graduation, I came to Perth Australia and she went to California.  She studied at Bergin Universtiy of Canine Studies for 2 years, and since then has been working as a service dog trainer and an instructor.

She accomplished her dream!!  And, I really love her personality….  She is always smiling, with “happy, happier, happiest everyday” attitude 😀  She just love what she is doing in her life.  And, she is still studying but the school fee is free because she works as an instructor at the school, and her accommodation at shared-house is free because she offered to do all the houseworks!  I just admire her…

If you happen to be in Kansai area, watch her happy smile and everyday-life on August 7, Sunday.  (Yomiuri TV, 10:25am ~ 10:55am)


My Friends are Everywhere..

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As I’m from Osaka College of Foreign Language, my friends from the school are all interested in other countries and traveling the world.  I was taking Studying Abroad Course (major in Animal Science) and most of my classmates flew to America to go to universities after graduation.  I, on the other hand, chose to come to Australia instead of America.  Major reason for this was that I thought Australia was surrounded by big nature and wild animals. 🙂  (which is true)

I was browsing the college website the other day and I noticed there’re photos of my classmates on the site.  It recalled the memory of my last home-coming trip – I had a small gathering with my classmates in Osaka and could catch up with them.  After that, they seem to be doing fine and some of them are again going overseas for further career 🙂

One friend, who is also from Shiga prefecture, went to America to study animal behavior at an university.  Since then she got a job at one of her work-experience place and now she is working as a dog trainer in America 🙂  It had been her dream to be a dog trainer and she seems to be so happy.

Another friend, Haru, she studied preschool education in New York and moved to Hawaii after graduating an university to work as a kindergarden assistant teacher.  Then she went back to Japan, worked in a International kindergarden for awhile, and now she is flying back to America, Portland to work as an assistant teacher for one year.  She is so determined 🙂

Another one, who also chose to come to Perth, Western Australia with me after graduating the Osaka college, worked in Japan for few years after graduating from school in Perth.  Few days ago she flew to Ireland!

I’m not planning to go overseas and work at this point.  I will probably stay in Perth and just lead my life here 🙂  But in future, maybe when I’m much older, I would like to go to other countries and do some voluntary work.  It is one of my dream! 🙂

What a Surprise!

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I received a phone call from my husband during the day, ” hey Ume, you received a parcel from Japan.”

First I thought it was from my mum, but actually it was from my college friends from Osaka.  In the parcel, there’re few letters from them along with some cute presents …

So cute … !!  I love the kitchen mitten set and bento boxes…  And I just wanted to buy those silicon cups!

They’re a wedding gift for me.  It was a surprise because no one didn’t mention me anything! Actually one of them contacted me few weeks ago asking for my address and phone numbers, but she said it was because she wanted to send me an invitation card for her wedding in Japan. Their plan must have been to surprise me, and they succeeded!

Away from my country, I sometimes feel being left out from the world that I used to live in, but this present made me realized that they still remember about me, and it makes me so happy 🙂

THANK YOU SO MUCH, Haru, Yukie, Mio 🙂

Tea Party

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Today one of my friend came over to my house.  We’ve been friends since we were students at one of English school in Perth.  She just got married with her long time boyfriend who is also from the same school, and they are having a baby!  I’m soooo happy for them.

When they called me up I was so excited and I started making some cream puff (in Japan we call them “choux cream”) using ready-to-make mixture and welcomed them.

They looked so happy, and told me that they just bought a land and building a new house.  This year, 90% of my friends who live here bought houses!  And, 4 people (including myself) is getting married (or already married) this year, and two of them are having babies!  What’s with 2009…?  Happy-rush??

I’ve been also thinking to buy a house, actually.  But I can’t make up my mind as somewhere in head my I’m still thinking to go back to Japan.  Buying a house is a big decision and a big shopping.  I’m not sure I’m ready to settle myself in this country and pay the loan for another OO years…

Anyway I think I’m spending huge amount of money this year…  for my wedding, trip to Japan/Jakarta, housewarming party, wedding gifts, baby gifts etc…

My brother and I are also planning a trip to Las Vegas with my dad as he is turning to 60 next year.  Being 60 is a pretty big occasion in Japan, and usually people stop working and start enjoying their life by receiving superannuation.  I remember my dad saying that he wants to go to casino in Las Vegas, so I really wanna take him there to cereblare.  He, as a normal Japanese man, is a hard-worker and I respect him a lot.  Actually he told me that he still wants to work even after his 60th birthday, and he already got a job for next year after retiring his current job at city hall.  … he sure likes working!  He also takes care of our rice fields too :p  That’s a man who I know as my dad.  Muscular! I don’t know if we can really go on the trip to LV as he desided to continue working, but I wish someday…