World Cup and Buffet Dinner

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Sign….  I was watching FIFA World Cup Argentina vs Korea last night.  It was really disappointing….   I mean, I was kind of Korean side but their performance was not so well against Argentina.  My husband told me that Argentina is pretty strong team, and their coach is Diego Maradona who is well-known as the “Hand of God” goal in 1986.  I didn’t know about him until last night (as I don’t really watch sports) but I’m sure many other people around the world do.  

Anyway, I was also watching the Japan game against Cameroon the other day.  I should have enjoyed watching it, but I became so emotive and couldn’t stand watching after Honda’s goal.  Next day I was told by friend that Japan won, and I was relieved. 🙂

By the way after I had dinner at Miss Maud in Murry Street the other night, I noticed that they’re doing $229 hotel specials for two people which includes one night stay and dinner + breakfast buffet for two people.  I knew about this since long time but I totally forgot about it.  I think it’s really a good deal, as I like breakfast buffet here.  I believe my dad and bro will enjoy the Miss Maud pastries and other food if they stay at the hotel.  But, I don’t think they’d enjoy the dinner buffet.  I know Japanese people and I don’t think they will like this type of food for dinner.  Some people may enjoy it, but not my dad. 🙁

(treat for two website)

I like the buffet at restaurants in Burswood complex.  Although my dad didn’t like the casino on his last visit, I think he will enjoy the atmosphere of the whole complex and the food at Atrium, Sirocco, the Emporium and Carvers.  Few years ago HIS (a Japanese travel agent in Perth) was doing a super cheap deal for stays at Burswood Hotel.  I don’t remember how much it was, but it was really cheap.  I hope they do the same deal for this year..  I may as well give them a call and ask!

Celebrating PacMan’s 30th Birthday

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You may have played this Pac-man game before, an arcade game developed by Namco.  Or you may at least have heard the name before.  This game was first released in Japan on May 22, 1980.  Which means…. it is Pac-Man’s 30th birthday today!

If you go to today, you can enjoy Pac-Man game for free!


If you double click the “Insert Coin” button, you will get …

Ms. PacMan joined to the game. 😀

You can also play the game after today by finding the logo here in Google’s logo archives. Just look it up in the 2010 April-June section. That’s where it will be filed, in the future.