Breakfast Buffet at Atrium in Burswood

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Atrium is one of the places where my in-laws often have breakfast at.  Since I’m not working anymore, they took me to have breakfast buffet there during the weekday.

It was such a hot day – the sunbeam was quite strong even at 7 AM.  There’s a construction going on at Burswood complex when we went.

At Atrium.  Compared to weekends, there’re less people (of course) and the place was quiet.  We sat down, and waited for the coffee and tea to come around.  We arrived there around 9am, and I was starving…  ready to devour!

etc etc.

It just so confuses me what to eat when there’re many kinds of food around.  I felt like eating bread, egg and mushroom (normal breakfast items) and coffee (decaffeinated), so I did.  I wanted to have one more bun, but I thought I should eat something else, so I tried bit of everything…

There was a showcase of desserts at the bread counter, and I asked the chef if I could have one of the cake.  He said those cakes are actually for display only.  I guess they don’t serve cakes in the morning.

I could ask for fresh-made juice at the counter, and also fresh-made eggs and French toast.  I’m not as fussy as before (around the first trimester), but I still don’t want to have freshly-squeezed juice (as they might be bacteria on the fruits/vegetables) in the public.  I also didn’t ask for well-done scrambled eggs and well-done poached eggs, as I know the soft-cooked eggs are the best.  Probably next time.

Eating out

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On the next day we arrived Japan, I had dinner with one of my best friend.  I was taken to this neighbor Italian restaurant “Cannery Row”:  one of my favorite place 🙂

We ordered cheese fondue, chicken pizza and fresh basil & smoked salmon pasta as main; salad, drinks, entree and dessert are in buffet section, they are “all you can eat”. 

All the food is very nice!!  but the reason why I like this place is their service.  Staffs are so polite and friendly:)  Love their uniform too:)

Cheese Fondue

There are millions of restaurants in Japan and the places I’m showing in this blog are just one of them.  During this holiday I went to buffet style restaurants quite often.  This Cannery Row is also buffet restaurant, and other place I went was an organic and slow food buffet restaurant “Hinano”.  It’s a fusion of Japanese and Western cuisine, and they only use organic food 🙂  I think their target is women (as most of their food was vegetable, not so many meat), and I love all the food!(I’m a girl :))  Japanese style salad, udon, grilled fish, tempura, pizza, few kinds of rice, etc etc….   They keep serving different food every 30min so we didn’t get bored.  I ate a lot…  OMG :p

(these plates are not only for me!  a table of my family (9 ppl) :p)

Their interior and plates are also nice; I think this type of restaurants “natural” “slow food” “healthy” “organic” “buffet” are Japanese trend now. (maybe?)  Inexpensive too!