Grilled Miso-mayo Salmon

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If you get bored with teriyaki salmon, why not try this creamy miso flavored grilled salmon?  It’s as easy as toasting a slice of bread.  Simply spread the mixture on the salmon and grill it.  Enjoy with steamed rice and a cup of miso soup  🙂

<Miso-mayo Salmon>

  • salmon fillet, skin free
  • miso paste
  • Japanese mayonnais
  1. Mix 2 tsp of Japanese mayonnaise and 1 tsp of miso paste.  You can use either red or white miso depending on your taste.

2.  Spread the miso paste on salmon (skin side).  Grill under Salamander or in the oven until cooked.

If the miso paste starts to get colored but the salmon is not quite cooked through, cover the top with aluminium foil to prevent it from burning.

Japanese people often use Japanese mayonnaise in cooking.  Some people really LOVES mayonnaise, and they eat it with anything… my mum is one of them.  She even eats pickles, nimono (simmered dish, mostly vegetables), grilled fish, meat, natto, noodle .. anything with mayonnaise.  I don’t usually eat mayonnaise except when eating okonomi-yaki or tako-yaki, so I always get surprised how quickly my family finish one bottle of mayonnaise at home :p

Some of the recipes using Japanese mayonnaise are little weird to me, and some of them are actually delicious.  I wouldn’t like stir-fried rice with mayonnaise (:p) or mayonnaise pan-cake (supposed to be eaten with maple syrup… eww) but I would eat mayonnaise omelet or mayonnaise hamburg.  …  who knows, maybe they’d all taste pretty good.  It’ll be high cholesterol for sure though.

Shopping Day

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This morning my mother-in-law and I went out to buy a rangehood – an exhaust fan for the kitchen. Every time I go to Harvey Norman, Good Guys, Retravision or Bunnings etc on Saturday I get tempted by those sizzling hot dogs… it’s almost impossible to just ignore the smell and walk pass ! (><) I tried to be calm and run into the store before I open my purse to get some coins. As I walk around the kitchen section I realized that I haven’t used my coffee machine for a while. About a year ago my hubby (to-be) and I bought a coffee machine (Saeco) and used everyday for few weeks, but now it’s just sitting on the kitchen bench without being used! What a waste… I love coffee, but I try not to drink more than 2 cups a day (get hurt-burn easily these days… getting old? 🙁 ) and I usually drink 2 cups while in the office, so I don’t get to drink it in the night time at home. I thought I should make a nice coffee for myself after I finish this shopping, and make something similar to hot dog but nicer.

Right after I get home I toasted 2 slices of bread, and sandwiched whatever I had in the fridge. 🙂

Scrambled eggs with tasty cheese and lots of herbs (thyme, basil, etc), 2 slices of ham, lettuce and a slice of Jarlsberg cheese. Oh my gosh it was so nice… I wish I had an avocado to spread on the toast.

After munching on this sandwich with a nice cup of coffee, I went shopping again for some clothes. Tomorrow we are doing a pre-shoot with our wedding photographer and I thought I should wear some nice clothes… we are going to get the photo printed out so I want to look “nice” in the picture :p

I also wanted to buy a tiara for my wedding (I know, I haven’t bought it yet 🙁 ) but I forgot! What am I gonna do.. I really need to push myself out for shopping one day to just look for a tiara!

Tiara is not a necessary thing, but I like tiara and want to wear it on church ceremony, on dinner with my friends after wedding, in Japan (maybe!) and in the party in Jakarta. You don’t get to wear it often in your life, hehe.