Eat Fresh – Seasonal Food

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It’s spring and many veges are on their season!  Asparagus, cabbage, zucchini etc are very cheap at the supermarket.  It’s very interesting that in Japan it’s Autumn now and their seasonal foods are totally different. Sweet potatoes, chestnuts (kuri), grapes, nashi pear…  The autumn in Japan is called “eating season” because the food is so nice that people eat a lot.  One thing we always tell each other is “ohhh… I put on weight(><)” .  If you want to try delicious, fresh food in Japan I recommend you to go there between autumn ~ winter (Sep ~ Feb).  Many food, such as seafood and fruits, are on their season during that time.  But be careful, not to eat too much or you will put on weight :p

Here in Perth I cook the seasonable veges in very simple way.  Just toss in olive oil and season, then barbeque, or grill in a pan.

Or you can cook them as Tempura.  Asparagus, broccoli, potatoes, sweet potatoes, onion, carrot, etc… are suitable for Tempura 🙂

Asparagus Tempura with Cold Soba Noodle

Asparagus Tempura with Cold Soba Noodle


Or asparagus sticks with bacon is also nice 🙂  Just cut asparagus into 5cm and wrap it with bacon.  Stick them into skewers and grill!  Nice variety for Yakitori party 🙂

Borders x Gloria Jeans Coffee

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Today the sky was filled with white cloud.  I was going to ride to Perth city for shopping, but after hearing thunder from the sky I changed my plan to drive instead.  

There is a book shop “Border” in the city and I love going there.  Sofas, chairs and tables are provided to customers, so you can grub some books from the shelfs and sit down & read.  You can, of course, purchase books, but you can also read books without purchasing them:p 

“Paperchase” products are available as well so if you are looking for some unique gift cards/stationery you can definitely find here!

As you know Perth is quite small city, and to my knowledge, this book shop is the only one which has a cafe inside.  There is Gloria Jeans on the first floor and you can drink, sit down and read books/magazines.

Iced White Chocolate

Iced White Chocolate

When I was ordering this drink I saw a poster on the wall.  “Free Eco Bag when you buy four coffees”.  Ahhhhh I want to get the eco bag, but there is no way that I can finish 4 coffees by myself:p  Using this eco bag will definitely reduce the wastage of paper trays and I think it’s a great idea.  Maybe I should offer my  manager to get some coffees from Gloria Jeans on Monday and get this bag :p

Mochi Cream

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Today my friend visited Perth from Japan, and she gave me a souvenir 🙂  Mochi cream in many flavor!  


Chocolate Banana, Apple Pie, Ujikintoki (maccha flavor with red bean), Mango, Raspberry Millefeuille, Caramel Pudding, Sweet Potato and Chocolate!  Wow…. looks very soft and yummy(><)

This sweet is kind of half Japanese and half Western:)  I wonder what drink I should drink with… I try Raspberry Millefeuille with earl grey tea tonight 🙂

Charcoal Chicken

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Portuguese Style Chicken

There are numbers of take away chicken shops in Perth.  This shop Charcoal Chicken is not as famous as others, but it’s one of my favorite fast food shop.  I love their menu!  Their main is chicken, of course, and you can choose 2 flavours: Charcoal or Portuguese style.  I always get Portuguese style as I love spicy food:)  They also have Lamb Ribs, Souvlaki, Salad Bar and some desert.

I love the variety of salad!  I guess there are about 10 kinds of salad, and some food like Cream Chicken Pasta and Biriyani Rice are on the display case as well so you can just order and grab them straight away.

And another reason why I love this shop is their chips!!  They always deep fry chips on order, so it’s very fresh, tasty and crispy!!(>v<)  Maybe the biggest reason for me coming to this shop is their chips.  I hate soggy cold chips like you sometimes get from elsewhere.  I’ve never got such bad chips from this shop!

If you like spicy food and bored with Chicken Treat or Red Rooster, why not try this tonight??

Wafuu Breakfast

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Wafuu means Japanese style:)  I had a set of Japanese style breakfast this morning!

In Japan we serve few kinds of dishes in small plates.  I like the idea and it looks very cute and delicate.

Unfortunately I don’t have such cute small plates/bowls here. (I’m planning to get some from Japan)  My breakfast today is rice balls=onigiri (tawara-shape) dashi-maki (Japanes-flavored egg omelet) with spinach, natto and miso soup.

Onigiri rice is flavored with siso and wakame.  I really love the taste of siso, it’s refreshing!  They are decorated with seaweed (nori).

Natto( above) is Japanese fermented soybeans.  Some people don’t like it because of its strong smell  and sticky consistency, and actually I don’t really love it, however I try to eat it as this food is vital source of nutrition.  The second pic is natto decorated with bonito flakes, spring onion and Japanese mustard.

There is a special frying pan for making dashi-maki in Japan (square shape) but I don’t have it here, so I made it with normal round-shaped frying pan.

Well-balanced meal, quite filling yet low calories(^0^)***