Look who is in Scoop magazine…

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Wow… I can’t believe my small home business Bagelier was on the SCOOP magazine spring edition 2013!!

I started this bagel business in 2009, and since then I’ve had “break” period so many times due to having my son and also going oversea holidays, so my income from this business has been very irregular.  My husband doesn’t even call it a business – it is rather a hobby.  But I’d like to have something for my own and I’m glad that I’m doing this business at home.

Couple months ago, an editor contacted me if they could have some sample of my bagels and have an brief interview about my business.  Of course I said YES!!!!
I baked few different kinds of bagels and brought to their office in Subiaco.  An editor asked me few questions and then that was it.  I was even unsure if they’re really gonna write about me on the magazine.  Scoop magazine is very big and can be found any hotels and restaurants across Perth.  And my small bagel business was gonna be written on their magazine??  Hmmm really?

After coming back from Japan holiday in September, still no information from the editor.

Then, suddenly, few days ago I received an email from the editor saying that the magazine is out!

I know it’s such a small article about my business “Bagelier”, but I’m still happy!  Too bad they didn’t leave any link for my website or Facebook page.

Now, although I stopped wholesale business, I enjoy baking to my customers and hearing their compliments everyday.  I’m glad I kept doing this business and am thankful to all the customers who have supported me!

4 Comments on “Look who is in Scoop magazine…”

  1. 1 Hannah said at 5:55 pm on October 20th, 2013:

    I have just came across your blog from a random google search … and I’m asking myself why didn’t I find it sooner!!

    Your food posts have got me drooling, especially the custard pancake one – I’ve been craving for something similar ever since.

    Also, congratulations on the Scoop feature!! It all sounds so exciting!! Can’t wait to try your bagels too 😀

  2. 2 umepontarou said at 10:59 pm on October 25th, 2013:

    Hi Hannah, thanks for visiting Umeboss 🙂
    Yeah it was exciting to see Bagelier on the SCOOP magazine! I hope I can keep things up.

  3. 3 Delphin said at 8:46 pm on December 11th, 2013:

    Your bagels are tops, the best I’ve eaten since leaving North America in ’95. I’m so glad to see you get some well-deserved attention in Scoop magazine. And I agree with your blogs: fluffy fakes just shouldn’t call themselves bagels. Go girl!

  4. 4 umepontarou said at 2:31 pm on December 13th, 2013:

    Thanks Delphin for that!! 🙂 I’m blessed to hear such a wonderful feedback.

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