Sugar Donut Balls

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(Christmas) tree made of sugar donuts 😀

This super-easy-to-make donuts needs just a plastic bag from mixing the dough till dropping into hot oil.

<Sugar Donut Balls> makes about 10

  • Plain flour 100g
  • Baking soda 1/4 tsp
  • Egg 1
  • Raw sugar 1 tbs *
  • Unsalted butter 1 tbs
  • Milk 1 tbs
  • oil to deep-fry / sugar to dust


  1. Place all dry ingredients in a plastic bag.  Close the bag with hands and shake to mix the ingredients.
  2. Melt butter.  Once it’s cool enough (but not cold) add milk and egg.  Mix well.
  3. Pour the butter mixture into the plastic bag.  Mix the dough well inside the bag.
  4. Heat oil in a pan to 160℃.
  5. Cut one end of plastic bag to make a small hole.  Squeeze out the dough into oil. Deep-fry until golden.
  6. While the donuts are hot dust with sugar. **


* You can use white sugar or dark sugar – different sugar gives different flavour to the donuts
** You can use cocoa powder, cinnamon, green tea powder or kinako (soybean powder)


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