Bagel. Bagel. Bagel.

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I’m little furious at the moment.  And upset.  And disappointed…

A cafe contacted me saying that they are looking for a bagel supplier.  So I went down there to drop off some samples.

I kinda knew what was about to happen.  It happened to me before, actually.  People here like soft bagels….  or bread because it’s easier to eat as a sandwich.

When I dropped off the bagels they tasted and said my bagel is tasty.  And asked if I could make it bigger.

They gave me a sample of the bagels they are after….

From the looking I knew it’s just like a normal bun, in a shape of bagel.  I tasted it – it definitely contains egg and milk, probably butter as well.  And, I don’t think it’s been boiled before baked!

Very soft, and I felt I was eating a white bun.  Is this what they want??

Hmmm….  If I could make my bagels into this I could be very successful! Haha.  They wanted to place big order every week.   But I don’t think I will do it 🙁  I just want to stick to what I think it’s good.  A water bagel.



5 Comments on “Bagel. Bagel. Bagel.”

  1. 1 Nicola said at 1:35 pm on June 26th, 2012:

    Hi Ume,

    Your bagels look great and you make them just as a real bagel should be made- don’t change them! Maybe you can educate the cafe about why your bagels are so good and real?
    The bagel they gave you looks awful- as you said, it’s just a donut shaped bread roll, not a bagel!!

    Don’t give up 🙂

  2. 2 yuki said at 9:16 pm on June 27th, 2012:

    What’s a water bagel

  3. 3 umepontarou said at 4:21 pm on June 28th, 2012:

    Hi Yuki,

    Water bagels are any bagel cooked in water. Of course, all bagels by definition are cooked in water and then browned in the oven. To the purist, water bagels are bagels made with water in the dough, specifically with no egg or flavoring additions.

  4. 4 Blueshoe said at 11:28 pm on July 6th, 2012:

    I don’t know much about how bagels are made, but I was a little surprised with the bagels in Japan. I come from New York, which is famous for really good bagels. Over there, they’re not exactly hard, but not very soft, either. Most of the bagels I had in Japan were really soft and もちもち…which is ok I guess, but they didn’t feel very substantial.

    I’m guessing the bagels in Australia are similar to Japanese ones?

  5. 5 umepontarou said at 11:12 pm on July 7th, 2012:

    Hi Blueshoe,

    I agree! Japanese people (well, not everyone though) mochimochi texture. I think authentic bagels are too hard for Japanese people?
    And there are many unique flavors too…. like some combination you wouldn’t imagine. To me, it’s interesting :p

    Here in Perth, bagels sold at stores are really like just normal white buns with a hole. They are not chewy at all.
    My bagels are similar to ones in Japan, I think. But some of my customers say my bagels are just like New York style bagels – which is a reall compliment to me 🙂

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