Unique Japanese Drinks

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Suntory, one of Japan’s leading beverage companies, is selling something that some people were looking for…..  All Free!  This All Free is a drink with no calorie, no sugar, and no alcohol.  Yap, all free.

Some may ask what’s the reason of drinking this…  Why don’t you drink water or herval tea instead?  Well, this All Free is actually a non-alcohol beer.  It tastes like beer, but has no alcohol, sugar, or calorie.  This is selling well in this busy drinking season…

Georgia, a popular brand of coffee-flavored beverages sold by The Coca-Cola Company in Japan, sells this unique can of coffee.  It’s a mixture of “coffee” x “green tea”.  It’s not green tea latte.  It still has color of coffee, brown, and contains matcha powder from Uji in Kyoto.

Pepsi in Japan sells these unique flavour drinks.  Azuki, Cucumber and Shiso!  I’ve never tried these, but I think shiso may taste better than others.  It’s just my guess…

I love that cute little tirol chocolate – love the cute little square shape, and their variety of flavours.  But I didn’t know that this popular chocolate snack “tirol chocolate” has its drink version!  Tirol chocolate drink tastes like its original chocolate.  It should taste very rich?

2 Comments on “Unique Japanese Drinks”

  1. 1 achan said at 8:21 am on January 9th, 2012:

    I love the unusual flavours of Japanese drinks. Pepsi always has me waiting to see what they bring out next!! This summer they had Caribbean Gold and then in Autumn Ichigo Milk. They were so nice but they are not Pepsi with different flavours they are just flavoured soft drink!! The Shiso and Azuki were YUCK!! I’ve never seen the Ice Cucummber though.

    I want to try the Tirol!!!

  2. 2 umepontarou said at 10:09 am on February 3rd, 2012:

    Hi Achan!!

    Autumn Ichigo!!?? Sounds sweet 😀 Yeah I haven’t tried those weird flavors yet…. not sure if I want to 😛

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