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“Chikyu-Bin” (YTV, Japanese TV station) broadcast heartwarming stories of the relationship between Japanese people who live in other countries and their families in Japan.  The main thing of this program is; bringing something from parents (Japan) to their daughter/son who lives out of Japan to strengthen family bonds.

Guess what!  My friend in America is going to be on this show this Sunday, August 7.  (in Western Japan “Yomiuri TV)  😀

As being its 160th story, the tv program shows my friend, Sae, who works as a service dog trainer in Santa Rosa, CA.

She and I are both from Shiga prefecture in Japan, and went to the same college in Osaka to study about animals.  Our dream was to go overseas to study about animals – she had the particular interest in service dog training and did some volunteer work in guide dog institution while studying at the college.  After graduation, I came to Perth Australia and she went to California.  She studied at Bergin Universtiy of Canine Studies for 2 years, and since then has been working as a service dog trainer and an instructor.

She accomplished her dream!!  And, I really love her personality….  She is always smiling, with “happy, happier, happiest everyday” attitude 😀  She just love what she is doing in her life.  And, she is still studying but the school fee is free because she works as an instructor at the school, and her accommodation at shared-house is free because she offered to do all the houseworks!  I just admire her…

If you happen to be in Kansai area, watch her happy smile and everyday-life on August 7, Sunday.  (Yomiuri TV, 10:25am ~ 10:55am)


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