4 Month Old

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Someone says it will be much easier when the baby becomes 3 month old, but in Hiro’s case, it was the 4th month.

He “knows” that night = sleeping time.  Even if he takes lots of nap during the day, after bath time and feeding at 7 pm he fells asleep straight away.  He wakes up around 12am – 1am, then feed, sleep, until 6am.  It’s been like this for last few weeks!

He stays awake longer during the day, wanting to play.  He now rolls over to his back when he is on tummy. (it might be because of his heavy head ?) He makes lots of bubbles and sometimes need to wear a bib.  He used to sleep through in a capsule while we are out, but now he wants to look around people and places.

We went to a Japanese play group with my friend and her baby this week, and I’m glad I did.  As I don’t speak much Japanese to him (I try, but English comes out), I think it’s a good chance for him to get used to Japanese environment.

Other kids were older than Hiro and friend’s baby, so they’re just watching kids running around and playing games.  Hiro was so curious about other little people and kept looking at them.  When he is older he can do things like drawing, running, jumping, reading, and singing!


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