Borders x Gloria Jeans Coffee

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Today the sky was filled with white cloud.  I was going to ride to Perth city for shopping, but after hearing thunder from the sky I changed my plan to drive instead.  

There is a book shop “Border” in the city and I love going there.  Sofas, chairs and tables are provided to customers, so you can grub some books from the shelfs and sit down & read.  You can, of course, purchase books, but you can also read books without purchasing them:p 

“Paperchase” products are available as well so if you are looking for some unique gift cards/stationery you can definitely find here!

As you know Perth is quite small city, and to my knowledge, this book shop is the only one which has a cafe inside.  There is Gloria Jeans on the first floor and you can drink, sit down and read books/magazines.

Iced White Chocolate

Iced White Chocolate

When I was ordering this drink I saw a poster on the wall.  “Free Eco Bag when you buy four coffees”.  Ahhhhh I want to get the eco bag, but there is no way that I can finish 4 coffees by myself:p  Using this eco bag will definitely reduce the wastage of paper trays and I think it’s a great idea.  Maybe I should offer my  manager to get some coffees from Gloria Jeans on Monday and get this bag :p

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