Riding to Mandurah

Posted September 30th, 2008 in Perth WA No Comments »

It was a lovely weekends, the weather was nice and wind as warm.  I headed to Mandurah by scooter on Sunday.  Since I left home in the afternoon, it was already past 4pm when I got there.  Many people walking along the shore, the sunshine so blight and beautiful.

I sat down at table in a cafe, and ordered iced white chocolate and banana + walnut muffin:)

… iced white chocolate didn’t taste like chocolate at all, but i didn’t care :p  The sight from the seat was so beautifull.

After I left this cafe, I found this shop “chochas” chocolate company Australia.  Inside there are cute chocolate and wrapped gifts.  This was also a cafe, and on the board it said “chocolate brownie and coffee for $5.60”.  Damn, if I found this place earlier I would definitely take it! (><)  Maybe next time…

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