Autumn is Here!

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It’s so good to have Internet back…  For the last few days the Internet connection was on and off at my house, and couldn’t check emails/websites at all since last night. It was so frustrating as I had to do something online and also was expecting an email from someone.

As internet connection is very important for D’s job too, we needed to fix it asap. Lucky it’s weekend and he didn’t need to work.  He called up ISP and it’s ok now, but I think we’d better to change ISP…

Since the rain 3 days ago, the weather’s really cooled down!  Now we are wearing sweater and ugg boots, and D took out a heater from the shed.  Such a sudden change..

I feel like I did a bit of things this week.  We finally received Hiro’s birth announcement cards which I ordered online few days ago, and sent off to my families and friends in Japan.  I printed out Hiro’s photos for making an album, bought some cosmetics online from Japan (because AUS$ is strong now) and had them send to my house (I will bring them back here when I go back home in few months), organised and filed some paperworks, etc etc.  Other time, I do some cooking in the kitchen.  I know I should be resting, but when I stay at home I just have to look for something to do…  it’s my personality, and it’s tiring (*_*).

The biggest worry I had few days ago was Hiro’s constipation.  I don’t know if it’s constipation, but he didn’t poop for 3 whole days…  before then he used to poop once or twice in 2 days.  The poop is not hard, so maybe I just worry too much, but every time I see his face goes red and trying to push something out, I just think that he may be in pain!

Another thing that’s been staying in my head is a HOLIDAY.  Not the holiday to my home in Japan, but somewhere else!  For some reason I started to think about Bali – and now I can’t wait to go there with three of us plus my dad and bro.  I don’t know when it’ll be, but I’m sure it won’t happen anytime soon.  Probably when Hiro is around 2 years old.  I also have a dream going to Disneyland (either in America or Japan) and stay at the Disney resort!  Staying in the Disney resort hotel has been a dream since I was young.  I’ve been to Tokyo Disneyland few times but it’s very long time ago, and I’ve never stayed in the Disney resort before.  I really want to go there with Hiro sometime, and stay at the hotel surrounded by Disney characters.  I know it’s not cheap, but it’s ok to do it at least once in a life, I guess.  Now I’ve gotta save up some money for the dream holiday!

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