Shige Sushi Bar in South Perth

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**** This restaurant has moved to a new address.

Shige Restaurant
08 6161 0858
11:30am-2:00pm, 6:00pm-9:30pm 
East Perth
Opposite the FMG building
18 Plain Street East Perth, WA 6004

(Updated Nov 2014) ****


Shige Sushi Bar has been opened for quite awhile now, and this hidden small restaurant has been popular among locals and tourists.  Although the restaurant is very small – counter seats, and 3 tables (inside) and 2~3 tables (outside) -, people seem to be still enjoying going there for the food.  Because of the location, some tourists staying around South Perth also visit there.

I headed to this place with friends for dinner the other night.  When I called the restaurant to make a booking, they said the night was going to be very busy but they could squeeze us in between 6 to 7:30 pm.  When we arrived there, the restaurant was just opened and the owner chef (Mr Shige) was already working busy in the kitchen.

We can see the kitchen over the counter, and it seemed that he is the only chef who does all the cooking.

We ordered a large assorted sushi, gyoza, assorted tempura, lemon chicken and grilled beef fillet in teriyaki sauce to share.

The food came up really quick.  After ordering I went to the toilet, and when I came back to the table the sushi was already there. I think they had to push the food out as quickly as possible so that we could get out before 7:30 for the next bookings.

The gyoza was properly cooked – I mean, at some other restaurants, gyoza is deep-fried.  Gyoza is normally grilled like this unless it’s specified “deep-fried gyoza” on the menu.  The gyoza was very moist and soft.  My friend said that she prefers the skin to be crispier, but I liked it.  I thought the taste was bit thin, but I don’t really like too-much-garlicky-taste gyoza anyway, so I enjoyed it.

I must say, the tempura was very light and crispy.  The beef fillet was tender (even though I ordered very-well-done) and tasty.  Both Beef Teriyaki and Lemon Chicken came with some simmered vegetables on the side (edamame and root vegetables) and we all agreed that the taste reminds us of my grandma’s cooking. Very traditional Japanese flavour.  We loved it.

The lemon chicken was delicious too.  At first, I imagined it to be something similar to the Chinese version of lemon chicken, but it wasn’t.  The lemon chicken at Shige, the chicken was grilled (not deep-fried) and the sauce was teriyaki sauce based.  The tangy kick of lemon juice really matched with the juicy chicken meat.

Overall, the food was great and so was the service.  Around 7PM many customers started to show up (around 15~20 people at once!) and the restaurant started to be crowded and busy.  Thanks to the fast service we could finish our meal and get out the restaurant by 7:30.  If you are planning to go to this restaurant I recommend to make a booking first.  Again, this is a pretty small restaurant so you have to prepare yourself to be sitting and eating in a limited space.

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    ur company has been given a phone number by Telstra that used to belong to one of your advertised restaurants, as follows.
    [ Japanese restaurant ]
    – Shige (Sushi Bar) –

    19-21 Mends St. South Perth 6151

    The restaurant has moved from this address and has a new telephone number, 6161 0858, but we keep receiving calls on their old number, 9 367 2500, which still appears on your site. Could you please correct your listing. I have attached the correct address and telephone number as it appear on Urbanspoon.
    James McGuire
    General Manager
    Treasures of Oz Pty Ltd
    Tel: +61 8 9367 2500
    Mob: +61 427 183388
    Skype: treasures.james

    Shige Restaurant
    08 6161 0858
    Open Today
    11:30am-2:00pm, 6:00pm-9:30pm (see all)
    Seafood, Sushi, Japanese
    Takes Reservations
    East Perth
    Opposite the FMG building
    18 Plain Street East Perth, WA 6004

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