One Hour Work at Domino Pizza Japan AUD$31K

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Domino Pizza Japan is hiring a lucky person for an hourly wage of AUD$31K.

No, this is not a joke.  It is REAL.  Domino is celebrating its 25th birthday in Japan by offering ¥2500,000 (just under AUD$31,000.00) for 1 hour work at a Domino Pizza shop in Japan.  Yes, the job is just for 1 hour (super short work), and the wage is $31K.

They haven’t revealed all the details in the public yet, but the person has to be over 18 years old who lives in Japan and can work in December 2010.  No experience/education is needed.

The applicants have to apply by writing first: with the details of their profile, interests and the reason why they want to work at Domino Pizza.  The successful applicants will receive further details about this job and then proceed to the interview with 4 judges.

The 4 judges are actually Japanese celebrities (2 of them are comedians) whom I often see on tv.  So, the lucky person who is chosen will go on tv, magazine and newspaper (I assume).

The normal wage at Domino Pizza Japan is ¥950 ~ ¥1150, and this is just for 1 hour work!  I’m sure many people is applying for the position right now.

The name of the department where you send an application to is “Please, Please Let Me Do The Casual Job”.


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