Lazy Weekend

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Cheese scrambled egg, bacon, sauteed spinach and toast – a typical breakfast, but I love this 😀

It seems that there are more than 200 people died from the heat in Japan this year.  My family and friends says it’s been very hot and humid.  There’s one 20-year-old man who passed away because his air-con was broken on that night.  It’s around 36°, but the humidity is high.  Besides, all the area is stuffy (many buildings)…

I’ve been reading this blog (in Japanese) since last week – she is Korean, and lives near my house in Japan!  She’s been in Japan for 18 years now with her husband (Japanese).  I always get surprised that many Korean people are fluent in Japanese.

I love Korean food 🙂  But, same as Japanese food here, I can’t find the “real” Korean food in Perth.  I really miss the proper way of eating Korean BBQ!  And, other Korean food such as komutan soup (oxtail soup), sundubu (spicy stew), kejan (marinated raw crab in spicy soysauce-based sauce) etc…  There are many Korean restaurants in Japan, but I believe there’re many in Eastern states too.

Korean cuisine is quite similar to Japanese cuisine, I believe.  They use many kinds of vegetables – even the ones Japanese people are not familiar with, such as leaves of sesame and dodoku (carrot-looking roots).  I love Korean side dishes – namuru dishes, muchimu (mixed – like salad) dishes, chimu (stewed) dishes.  The roasted and stewed beans ( I remember Hana BBQ had this dish) is my favorite!  They goes very well with steamed rice 🙂

In Japan, I always order Korean chilled noodle at yakiniku restaurants during summer.  I love the texture of the noodle (made from potato starch).  I had a funny experience in a Korean restaurant in Perth few years ago.  I ordered this chilled Korean noodle, but the waitress kept saying “oh, you shouldn’t order this.  I don’t think you’ll like it”.  I knew what I was ordering and told her that I used to eat this in Japan all the time.  She said “Oh, ok then. You should be fine”.  She thought I had never eaten the dish before, and non-Korean people wouldn’t like this dish.  I wondered why they’d put this item on the menu…  (did I tell this story before already?)

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  1. 1 Kathy said at 3:18 pm on August 29th, 2010:

    Hi ume!

    I had the strongest craving for reimen a while ago so I went to the Seoul Mart and bought all the ingredients and made it myself using the recipe on this site (it’s a great site and I made bibimbap from here too…)

    I love the texture of the noodles in reimen and all the different flavours with the sweet pear and spicy kimuchi 🙂

  2. 2 umepontarou said at 10:59 am on August 30th, 2010:

    Hi Kathy,

    The website above has many Korean recipes! I will try some of them soon 🙂
    Yeah I add lots of kimuchi (Chinese cabbage, cucumber and daikon!), boiled egg, sometimes pineapple, etc…
    I may actually make it tonight!

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